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Milwaukee Bucks Tickets
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Bucks vs. Bulls Tickets

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About Bucks vs. Bulls

Bucks vs Bulls Tickets

When it comes to basketball in the midwest, the only rivalry that matters is the one between the Chicago Bulls and Milwaukee Bucks. Known as the I-94 rivalry, the Bucks and Bulls are separated by about 90 miles, making them two of the closest geographic rivals in the NBA that don’t actually share a city. Ever since both franchises were born in the late 1960s, this has been one of the fiercest and most overlooked rivalries in the NBA.


Bucks vs Bulls

One thing that has helped keep the Bucks-Bulls rivalry intense is the occasional playoff meeting. The first playoff meeting between them came in the 1974 Western Conference Finals when Kareem Abdul-Jabbar led the Bucks in a sweep of the Bulls. The two teams also met in the first round of the playoffs in 1985 and 1990, with each team winning one series. After a long playoff hiatus that had some thinking that the rivalry had become dormant, the Bulls and Bucks locked horns again in the first round of the 2015 playoffs. It was an intense six-game series won by Chicago that signaled that this rivalry is still going strong.

The other thing that helps fuel the Bucks-Bulls rivalry is a packed arena every time they play. Whether it’s at the United Center in Chicago or Fiserv Forum in Milwaukee, sold-out crowds are common whenever the Bucks and Bulls get together. It’s also common for fans for the visiting team to make the 90-mile trip, adding to the atmosphere by having both teams well represented in the stands.


Finding Cheap Bucks vs Bulls Tickets

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