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About George Strait

George Strait Tickets

When it comes to country music, there is only one king, and his name is George Strait. He's country music through and through, and even looks like a genuine cowboy – not to mention he's one of the best-selling country musicians of all time. More importantly, he refused to pander to the masses when many country artists changed their sound to appeal to a wider audience. Strait has always stayed true to his country roots, and it’s why he’s a legend and the undisputed King of Country.


The Hits Keep on Coming

Some people were just born to be country stars, and Strait is surely one of them. He grew up in Texas, spending his weekends and summers working on his father’s cattle ranch. Despite having the Beatles as one of his earliest musical influences, he couldn’t resist the twang of country music that could be heard emanating throughout every corner of Texas. He even played in a country band during his four years in the Army.

After getting out of the Army with the rank of corporal, Strait put all of his focus on music but nearly gave it up completely when he was rejected by just about every record company in Nashville. He finally landed a one-song contract from a label. That one song was “Unwound,” which became a top-10 hit on the Billboard Hot Country Singles chart and the first single from his debut album. Strait’s debut album was praised by critics and country purists. From there, the hits just kept on coming, making Strait one of the biggest stars in the history of country music.


Still Going Strong

Nearly 40 years after his debut album came out, Strait remains part of the fabric of country music. He’s still writing songs and performing concerts, drawing tens of thousands of fans every time he takes the stage. Strait has over 60 number-one country songs to his credit, as well as an endless number of awards, including a Grammy. Whenever he goes on tour, George Strait tickets are as in-demand as they’ve ever been during his career, and seeing him in person should be considered required viewing for every country music fan.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is George Strait’s music style? 

George Strait is a country music singer, guitarist, and “new traditionalist,” famous for reviving interest in the western swing and honky-tonk music of the 1930s and ’40s. His outspoken musical style and his humble right-off-the-ranch stage persona, have contributed to making him one of the 21st century’s greatest country performers.

What are George Strait’s greatest hits? 

As the record holder for chart-toppers across all genres, Strait has had such a huge number of hits that it's very difficult to sort through and choose from. We've listed just 10 of his absolute greatest hits - is your favorite here? 

  • Cold Beer Conversation (2015)
  • True (1998)
  • The Best Day (2000)
  • Murder on Music Row (2000)
  • Write This Down (1999)
  • The Chair (1985)
  • She'll Leave You With a Smile (2001)
  • Wrapped (2006)
  • Blue Clear Sky (1996)
  • Amarillo by Morning (1982)


Has George Strait won any music awards? 

Strait has won 22 CMA Awards, including two consecutive Entertainer of the Year honors in 1989 and 1990, and that same honor for the third time in 2013 - setting a record as the only artist to win the top honor in three different decades. He holds the career record for CMA nominations (as a whole) and the most consecutively of all time.


What has influenced George Strait’s music? 

George Strait performs a mix of traditional and contemporary country music, influenced by major performers including Merle Haggard, Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys, Hank Williams, George Jones, Frank Sinatra.

Does George Strait write his own songs? 

Strait doesn't write his own songs, but he has collaborated with some of the best songwriters, as witnessed by his 56 hits. Some of these songwriters include Byron Hill ("Fool Hearted Memory"), Mack Vickery ("The Fireman"), Steve Bogard ("Carried Away"), Dean Dillon ("The Chair"), Rodney Crowell ("Stars on the Water"), Jim Lauderdale ("We Really Shouldn't Be Doing This"), and Bob DiPiero ("Blue Clear Sky").

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