We built Gametime from the ground up to create mobile access to the best live events. To start we subtracted printing from the equation (rendering mobile access only - no more paper jams!). We also do the hard work of searching for the right options - algorithmically examining thousands of potential tickets and presenting only the best values - not an impossibly long list of options. With payment encrypted and stored on the phone, checkout takes 9 seconds instead of the 5 minutes fans might invest filling out a web form. From our founding in 2012 to launching in over 50 cities today, Gametime continues to put fan experience above all else to unite communities.

Leadership Team


Founder & CEO

After nearly missing a San Francisco Giants NLCS game because he didn’t have access to print his tickets, Brad Griffith reimagined a simpler process for buying tickets on the go. Focusing completely on the mobile experience, Brad wrote v1.0 of the Gametime iOS application in 2012 and now leads a passionate team focused on mobilizing the ticket buying process for fans. He’s fascinated with fan experience - answering the question: How can we make it faster and easier to attend games? Brad is a Santa Cruz native and huge S.F. Giants, Golden State Warriors and 49ers fan. After earning an Engineering degree from Stanford, he followed his dreams to work in sports by helping the Colorado Rockies and Chicago White Sox (2005 World Series Champs!) build statistical infrastructure to analyze player value. In 2010, he helped launch Zappedy, which delivered customer analytics for local businesses (sold to Groupon in 2011). From our founding in 2012 to launching in over 35 cities today, Gametime continues to put fan experience above all else to unite communities.


Chief Revenue Officer

Colin has deep experience with marketplaces in the sports and entertainment space. He moved to San Francisco in 2000 to co-found StubHub.com and has since invested in and/or advised a number of online marketplaces and consumer platforms through Sandwith Ventures, LLC. Colin grew up in Pennsylvania as a die-hard Eagles and Penn State fan, went on to study Engineering and Economics at the University of Pennsylvania and has since split his career evenly between operational/board roles (StubHub, Bonobos, Spreecast, TicketLeap) and investing roles (TA Associates, BT Capital Partners). When Colin is not focused on Gametime, you can find him with his wife Amy and their two young sons, C.J. and Cooper.

More From Gametime Founder & CEO Brad Griffith

“We did some math based on past purchases and created an algorithm that finds the best tickets by price and location. The goal is to help fans quickly find the best options so they can go have fun at the game. We live in a world of instant gratification and Gametime wants to be the ultimate tool for this world.” - Brad Griffith, Gametime Founder & CEO

We also believe that the purchasing process should be just as amazing as the actual event experience - so we give you super fast checkout and securely store your card on file. After purchase, tickets are delivered directly to your phone so you never need a printer. With tickets on your phone, you can email or SMS them to anyone in your group.

“The secret that few people think about is that tickets are expiring assets. Perishable inventory is the most fascinating attribute of many new marketplaces today - Airbnb (nights in your apartment), Hotel Tonight (empty hotel rooms), Uber and Lyft (cars without passengers). Like other assets, tickets that are not sold are essentially worth nothing at some point so prices change as event time nears. This creates a big opportunity for both teams and fans to fill these seats with an on-demand mobile platform. Gametime has created this platform which serves as the connector between teams and the mobile fan.” - Brad Griffith, Gametime Founder & CEO

Today, Gametime offers sports event, concert, and theater tickets across the US and Canada.