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Golden State Warriors Tickets

Golden State Warriors at Washington Wizards
7:00 PMCapital One Arena
Golden State Warriors at Oklahoma City Thunder
7:00 PMPaycom Center
Golden State Warriors at Phoenix Suns
8:00 PMFootprint Center
Golden State Warriors at LA Clippers
7:30 Arena
Brooklyn Nets at Golden State Warriors
5:30 PMChase Center
Golden State Warriors at Portland Trail Blazers
6:00 PMModa Center
Boston Celtics at Golden State Warriors
7:00 PMSplash Towel GiveawayChase Center
Washington Wizards at Golden State Warriors
7:00 PMChase Center
Portland Trail Blazers at Golden State Warriors
5:30 PMChase Center
Golden State Warriors at Denver Nuggets
12:30 PMBall Arena
Miami Heat at Golden State Warriors
7:00 PMChase Center
Dallas Mavericks at Golden State Warriors
5:30 PMChase Center
Orlando Magic at Golden State Warriors
7:00 PMWiggins Jedi BobbleheadChase Center
Denver Nuggets at Golden State Warriors
7:00 PMSteph and Klay Golf BobbleheadChase Center
Detroit Pistons at Golden State Warriors
7:00 PMChase Center
Toronto Raptors at Golden State Warriors
5:30 PMChase Center

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About the Golden State Warriors

Golden State Warriors Tickets

Based out of sunny Oakland, California, the Golden State Warriors seem to surprise NBA fans again and again. Affectionately referred to as the 'Dubs' by their fans, this winning team has seen its fair share of ups and downs over the years, defying expectations at every turn. These days, they've become a serious force to be reckoned with—and not just because Steph Curry wears their jersey. (But ok, obviously that helps.) 

SC might be sporting blue and gold, but the team is more than the sum of its parts. In fact, the history of the Warriors speaks for itself. Founded in 1946 in Philadelphia, the Dubs relocated to California after losing their star player Wilt Chamberlain to the 76ers in the late 1960s. The move ultimately led to their third championship win in 1975 after a four-game sweep of the Washington Bullets—a feat no one saw coming!


From Lovable Losers to Comeback Kids

The Warriors may be prone to challenging the status quo, but that’s only because they've had some really rough periods. The longest—and perhaps bleakest—down streak in the history of the Dubs spans nearly the entire decade of the 1980s. From the late 70s until the late 80s, the Golden State Warriors struggled to put together a competitive team, a disappointing turn of events after a successful few decades prior. 

But the team still celebrated a few shining moments during this stretch of otherwise depressing performances. The Warriors made it to the playoffs in 1985, holding their own (but ultimately losing) in a semifinal game against the Magic Johnson-era LA Lakers, again surprising most NBA fans and rekindling an interest in the team. Warriors point guard Sleepy Floyd and his performance against the supposedly unstoppable Lakers helped turn the Dubs’ reputation around in a major way.

After a stellar playoffs run, the Golden State Warriors seemed poised for a comeback. For a while, the Dubs showed major potential after bringing on Tim Hardaway, but their momentum stalled after a number of conflicts disintegrated confidence among coaches and players. The result was an on-again, off-again team that neglected to capture the imagination of NBA fans for a good 15 years.

Luckily for Golden State fans, things have changed for the better in recent years. Just as they astounded everyone in the 70s with a championship win, today the Dubs are riding high on recent triumphs. Since 2015, the Golden State Warriors have dominated the NBA playoffs, winning three out of four Finals championship game series against the Cleveland Cavaliers. And now we find ourselves in a new era of rivalry for the Dubs—perhaps one to outshine the Lakers and the Celtics? We’re here for it—and for the Warriors—all the way!


Frequently Asked Questions

Where do the Warriors play?

The Golden State Warriors enjoy home-court advantage at Chase Center in San Francisco, CA.

When do Warriors tickets go on sale?

The NBA plans its schedule well in advance, so fans can snag Warriors tickets months before the game. Tickets can be purchased from the NBA itself, though you'll likely pay higher retail prices than if you search elsewhere. We may be biased, but your best bet for cheap Golden State Warriors tickets is a ticket marketplace like Gametime. As a Gametime fan, you’ll never have to miss a Warriors game because tickets are too expensive.


When is the best time to buy cheap Warriors tickets?

Hello, last minute! Warriors ticket prices tend to get cheaper as game day gets closer—especially if you're purchasing on Gametime. An unsold ticket means lost revenue for ticket sellers, so they have plenty of motivation to lower their prices as game time approaches. That's great news for you! Generally, the best time to buy cheap Warriors tickets is right before the game. 

But like any good rule of thumb, there's a caveat. Big name matchups and important games can drive ticket prices up, so be sure to double-check who they're playing. For instance, the emerging rivalry between Golden State and Cleveland means Warriors-Cavs tickets are likely to be more expensive than other games and less likely to drop in price. And if the Dubs head to the playoffs again, you can expect those tickets will be hot. (Read: expensive.) Even then, though, last-minute Warriors ticket prices on Gametime tend to be some of the cheapest out there. 


What’s the best way to buy Warriors tickets?

So, how much are Warriors tickets? Well, that depends where you buy them. You won't get the most bang for your buck if you purchase your tickets directly from the NBA. A ticket marketplace like Gametime gives you all the selection you need with affordable Warriors ticket prices. We'll even show you the view from your chosen seats before you purchase, so you know exactly what you're getting.


Why is Gametime the best choice for tickets?

Not all ticket marketplaces are created equal. At Gametime, we’re committed to providing a premium experience—with some of the least expensive service fees in the industry—so you can make us your go-to choice for sports, concert, or event tickets. And you can rest easy knowing you'll have your tickets in hand when you need them. Guaranteed.