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About the LA Clippers

LA Clippers Tickets

The Los Angeles Clippers have a long and storied history, one that extends well beyond being “the other LA basketball team.” Their legacy begins in 1970 when the team made its debut as the Buffalo Braves. Less than ten years later, the team would leave the frozen tundra of upstate New York and relocate to the sunnier West Coast, where they became the San Diego Clippers. Just a few years after that, with yet another relocation to LA, and the Clippers of today were born.

Let’s be honest: the Clippers’ early days were rough. It’s not easy living in the shadow of the ultra-popular Lakers, and Clippers fans have taken a lot of heat over the years for their loyalty to a team that’s often dubbed “second best” in LA. But there’s much more to the Clippers than meets the eye. In fact, some of the best years of this LA team are well within living memory, giving fans renewed hope for the future of the franchise as a strong contender for the NBA Finals.


The Lob City Years

The Lob City years are a prime example of the Clippers' potential. Blake Griffin’s famous statement on Chris Paul being traded to Los Angeles certainly rang true, especially with Griffin and Paul working with fellow Clipper DeAndre Jordan. The three together were a well-oiled machine, with Paul’s flawless passing and Jordan and Griffin’s close game leading to some beautiful alley-oop finishes right at the rim.

The Clippers of the early to mid-2010s were a sight to behold. The high water mark came during the 2015 Western Conference playoffs, where this severely underrated team took the title from the San Antonio Spurs with a last-minute shot from Chris Paul at the buzzer. Lob City was in full effect, the Clippers would go on to perform respectably in the semifinals the next season as well, proving they were much more than the Los Angeles B team.


Rivalries to Last a Lifetime

While the Clippers have proven they can hold their own after years of struggle, the biggest rivalry they have is with the very team they share their hometown with. The Lakers and the Clippers have gone at it hammer and tongs, especially with the latter constantly feeling like they have something to prove to the Lakers and their fans.

This dynamic has made LA matchups as exciting and dramatic as they get. Some of the most intense Los Angeles games came with Lob City going up against the Kobe Bryant Lakers, and sparks flew every time!


Frequently Asked Questions

Where do the Clippers play?

The Clippers have shared the Arena in downtown Los Angeles with the Lakers since 1999, which has laid the groundwork for an intense 20 years of rivalries. The stadium is also home to the NHL’s Los Angeles Kings and is a highly popular venue for concerts and other events on the West Coast.


When do Clippers tickets go on sale?

The NBA schedules their basketball seasons months in advance, which means that Clippers tickets are available well before the season starts. This way you can pick and choose which Clippers games you’d like to attend, either home or away, with no time constraints whatsoever.


When is the best time to buy cheap Clippers tickets?

With plenty of time to buy Clippers tickets, there’s hardly any rush. Arena boasts close to 20,000 seats and it’s super rare that even a Clippers-Lakers game gets sold out, so you can safely wait until the last minute to pick up your seats. In fact, the best time to buy Clippers tickets is often just before the game!

You may think planning ahead is a better option, but the way tickets are sold might change your mind. With the majority of Clippers tickets going to resellers, these tickets are already cheap to begin with because resellers buy them at wholesale prices. The closer it gets to the game, the less these resellers charge you for seats because they need these tickets to sell. That’s why — unless an event is completely sold out — tickets are almost always at their cheapest on the resale market!


What’s the best way to buy cheap Clippers tickets?

Ticket resellers almost exclusively use online ticket marketplaces to sell seats. That means if you want the most affordable Clippers tickets, you’ve got to go where the resellers are. If you don’t, you’re practically guaranteed to end up paying way too much. In fact, resellers use online marketplace sites for all sorts of event tickets, not just NBA games, so using one of these sites is your best bet when it comes to finding affordable tickets for any game or concert.


Why should I choose Gametime over another ticket reseller?

There are a number of online ticket marketplaces out there, so Gametime works hard to make sure we’re providing the best level of service and overall experience anywhere. You’ll find Clippers tickets at the lowest possible price within our app because we charge some of the lowest service fees. Not only that, but our virtual seating charts show you the view from your chosen seat before buying, without all that frustrating online sleuthing.  

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