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Houston Rockets Tickets

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About the Houston Rockets

Houston Rockets Tickets

The NBA’s Western Conference has some truly great teams, but none boast as much sheer excitement on the court as the Houston Rockets. An expansion team that began life as the San Diego Rockets in 1967, they relocated to their new home in 1971, where they have been electrifying basketball fans ever since.

The Rockets are one of the most adaptable teams in the NBA. Never afraid to evolve their play style to suit their strengths or try new approaches, their flexibility has resulted in two Finals championships and four Western Conference titles under their belt. Pretty strong proof that this eclectic approach can be highly effective in bringing the heat and dazzling ball fans across the country.


A Collection of Giants

There’s a long list of ball court giants that have played for the Rockets over the years. Literal giants, in the case of players like Yao Ming. Other incredibly talented players to rock a Houston jersey in their time include Tracy McGrady, Charles Barkley, Clyde Drexler, and Hakeem Olajuwon.

The Drexler-Olajuwon era in the mid-1990s was an especially magical time for the Rockets. First, Houston won the 1994 NBA Finals against Patrick Ewing’s powerhouse Knicks, something that many had thought was impossible. The very next year, the Rockets won the 1995 NBA Finals by sweeping the Orlando Magic, even with Shaquille O’Neal doing his best to stop them.


Everything’s Bigger in Texas

The Rockets’ pragmatic use-anything-that-works approach has led to some major rivalries over the years. Surprisingly — or perhaps not so surprisingly, if you’ve ever spent any time in the Lone Star State — Houston’s biggest rivalries seem to come from the other Texas NBA teams.

Both the San Antonio Spurs and the Dallas Mavericks have been known to get into it with the Rockets in the past. In fact, competition between these teams has been brutal, especially with the high-energy, high-talent rosters of all three from the 2000s onward. This has surprised precisely no one at all, especially Texans, but it does have fans of these Texas teams looking forward to every new meet-up.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where do the Rockets play?

Located in downtown Houston, the Toyota Center has hosted the Rockets for their home games since the arena was opened in 2003. It also previously housed the American Hockey League’s Houston Aeros until they were relocated in 2013 to Des Moines, Iowa. Seating more than 18,000 fans, the Toyota Center also hosts a number of concerts and other large-scale events throughout the year.


When do Rockets tickets go on sale?

Given that the NBA plans its full season in advance, tickets for all teams — including Rockets tickets — go on sale quite early. In other words, there’s no rush when it comes to getting tickets for Rockets games, as you’ll often have months to buy.


When is the best time to buy Rockets tickets?

With Rockets tickets going on sale so early in the season, you have lots of time to decide when you want to pick up seats for the next game. There's no urgency to snap up tickets months in advance, either. In fact, in many situations, it’s actually a smart move to wait on buying Rockets tickets. This is relevant for anyone using online ticket marketplace sites like ours to purchase tickets for all sorts of events — not just Rockets tickets. 

What’s the secret? Resellers who use Gametime to sell their tickets don’t make money on unsold tickets. Since they bought those tickets directly from the NBA at wholesale prices to begin with, they’re already cheaper than retail, but resellers take a loss if these tickets don’t sell. A motivated reseller will take practically any price for their tickets as it gets closer to the game, so waiting until the last minute can get you some real deals on all kinds of events.


So what’s the best way to buy cheap Rockets tickets?

As we mentioned, ticket resellers get deep wholesale discounts on the seats they purchase directly from the NBA. Regular fans don’t get access to those same discounts, so the best way to buy cheap Rockets tickets is from a reseller through an online tickets marketplace. Doing anything else probably means you’re paying much more than you should.


Why should I choose Gametime over another ticket reseller?

Gametime is a popular place to score tickets for a reason. Some of the best resellers love our site, which means when tickets are available, we’ve got ‘em. Our service fees are some of the most affordable in the game, so you’ll get some of the best prices on Rockets tickets here. We also go the extra mile by showing you a virtual seating chart so you can see exactly what your view of the court will be from the seats you’re shopping for before you buy.

We’re dedicated to the fans, and we’re so confident that our service is the best, we’ll provide you with either a full refund or comparable tickets to the same game in the unlikely event that we let you down. Trust Gametime to get you the best seat in the house!

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