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About FedExForum

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Located in downtown Memphis, Tennessee and the bane of all autocorrect programs everywhere, the FedExForum (that’s right, it’s all one word) is a premier indoor venue that attracts not just some of the biggest NBA fans in the world but hosts some of the largest and most famous concerts and other events in the region.


The History of FedExForum

The FedExForum officially opened its doors in 2004, making it one of the younger and more modern indoor arenas that host an NBA team. It almost didn’t get built, though, thanks to the severe weather that Memphis experienced during its construction. A major windstorm in the summer of 2003 almost brought down construction cranes, causing widespread damage throughout the city — while it was certainly scary, lucky for Memphis basketball fans this didn’t result in much of a delay to the eventual opening of this new indoor stadium.


What’s So Special About FedExForum Events?

FedExForum events are plenty special, first and foremost being it’s one of the biggest and most modern venues in the region. A premier parking garage, music-themed decorations and restaurants calling back to the history of the city, and the first see-through shot clock ever used in the NBA all grace this fantastic arena. Renovations to the venue’s sound systems, new HD lights, and scoreboards, and a completely revamped backstage area make the FedExForum gorgeous and comfortable inside and out no matter what event you’re attending!


Frequently Asked Questions

Where is FedExForum located?

The FedExForum located in downtown Memphis, Tennessee.


What kind of events does FedExForum host?

As a multi-purpose area, FedExForum events include basketball, ice hockey, concerts, and family shows, to name a few.


Which team is playing at FedExForum?

This multi-purpose arena is the home of the Memphis Grizzlies (NBA) and the NCAA Division I men's basketball program of the University of Memphis.


Where can I park for free at FedExForum?

FedExForum offers 1,500 parking spaces in the five-level attached parking garage. Parking is sold on a season basis and is available on a first-come, first-served basis for non-basketball FedExForum events.


What is the seating capacity of FedExForum?

FedExForum concerts can seat up to 19,000 fans! But, for sporting events such as ice hockey, this goes down to 16,411.


Who owns FedExForum?

FedExForum is owned by the City of Memphis.


How do I get to FedExForum using public transport?

Fans who wish to save a few extra bucks have a few public transport options at their disposal for FedExForum events. You can catch the affordable roundtrip express shuttle bus service which will drop you right at the doors of FedExForum. The Mata Trolley Line on the Main Street Line, Riverside Line, and the Madison Avenue Line transfer fans to the stadium, or just a short walk away. 

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