Gametime Promo Codes

Promo Codes

$20 Off Your First Purchase of $150+

Use Code SAVE20 at Checkout

Offer only valid at Offer only applies to a person’s first purchase. Must enter code: SAVE20 at checkout or within app profile to receive discount. Offer cannot be combined with any other promotions or discounts. Offer may be modified or terminated at anytime without notice

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I enter my promo code?

In the Gametime app, go to your profile and select “Redeem Code”. On the Gametime website you will be able to enter your promotion code during checkout. 

You can also view our step-by-step instructions on applying a promo code.

Does Gametime offer refunds?

Please refer to our Gametime Guarantee to learn about all of the ticket coverages we offer.

I'm trying to redeem a code and am receiving an error. What's up?

You'll see an error message if:

  • The code has expired.
  • The maximum number of people have claimed it.
  • You've already redeemed it.
  • You've inputted it incorrectly.
  • You're trying to redeem a code for first-time customers, but you've already used a first-time user code or have already been granted first-time user credits by us (no double-dipping!).

Double-check the code and, if you still think it is valid, get in touch with our Fan Happiness team by emailing us at