Gametime Price Guarantee

We work around the clock to get you the best prices anywhere. If you do find a lower price elsewhere we’ll add 110% of the difference between the price you found and our price in Gametime credit to your account. We’re good like that. :)

We just need a screenshot of both sources with a timestamp within two hours of your purchase (aka 12:30 pm and 2:30 pm). Also, the prices need to meet these conditions:

  • The lower price you found must be for the same event, the same date(s), and the same section, row, and quantity that you purchased on Gametime.
  • The lower price must be available to the general public. AARP rates, AAA rates, military rates, corporate rates, etc, do not apply.
  • Prices offered through loyalty programs, through contests, or as a part of a travel package are not valid.
  • Prices from apps or websites where you don’t know the event until after booking, prices from websites/apps where you name your own price, and prices you must call in for are not valid.
  • The lower price must still be available when your claim is submitted to
  • The lower price you found must be the final checkout price, and be more than just a difference in taxes and fees.
  • We do not guarantee against price changes on Gametime itself.


How do I submit a Gametime Price Guarantee?

Email the Fan Happiness team either by replying to your booking receipt or sending a new email to

Include the email address associated with your Gametime account, the price you paid for your seats on Gametime, where you found the lower price (including a complete link URL if you found the lower price on a website), and any other relevant info. Please attach a screenshot to your email as well.

We’ll get back to you as fast as humanly possible.

We reserve the right to deny claims that are suspicious and/or deemed to be fraudulent.

The Gametime Price Guarantee does not apply in the event of disasters, acts of terrorism, or other events outside of Gametime’s control.

Gametime caps the amount of Gametime credits that can be issued as part of a claim at $200.



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