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About the Boston Celtics

Boston Celtics Tickets

If there’s one NBA team that's truly legendary, it’s the Boston Celtics. Founded in 1946, the Celtics are one of the league’s original teams and the winningest team in the NBA, boasting 17 NBA championships. It’s no wonder Celtics fans are some of the most dedicated and passionate in the country! With such a long and storied history, you might expect that the Celtics have had their fair share of ups and downs over the years. Not so. While they’ve had a few short-lived blips here and there, Boston has almost always been a solid team. Read on for some of the best bits of Celtics’ history, from the NBA’s humble 1940s beginnings to today.


Early Pioneering

The Boston Celtics have been pioneers of pro basketball from the early days. In fact, the Celtics were the first NBA team to draft an African-American player—in 1950, Chuck Cooper donned Celtics green as the first pick in the second round of the draft. NBA legend Bob Cousy joined the Celtics that same year, and the following decade saw the rise of a superstar team led by these two players and many more. The resolute leadership of head coach Red Auerbach during this early pioneering period set the stage for greatness to come.

The team would celebrate their first NBA Finals championship in 1957, the first of an astonishing 17 wins over the lifetime of the franchise so far. Many attribute their first big win to the addition of Bill Russell to the roster that year. Considering Russell earned 11 rings during his 13-year NBA career—all of which he spent in Boston—this might not be far off the mark!


The Greatest Rivalry in NBA History

The tail end of the Bill Russell era, which continued through the ‘60s, saw the Celtics go head to head with the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA Finals in both ’68 and ’69. These back-to-back championship matchups are more or less considered the point when the greatest rivalry in the history of the NBA was born. The Lakers, a powerhouse team in their own right, have since had it out for the Celtics in a major way.

Despite the Lakers’ best efforts, Boston has come out on top more often than not. The two teams have come together for 12 championship series, with Boston prevailing nine of those times. The rivalry cooled off in the late 1980s through the ‘90s, but the two met again in the Finals in 2008, with the Celtics tallying another win. The tables would turn just two years later when the 2010 championship went to the Lakers—proof that this epic rivalry is far from over.


Today’s Celtics

While the 2010 loss against the Lakers might have rattled a few long-time Boston fans, the Celtics of today are still going strong. Finishing no lower than 4th place and making the playoffs consistently, Boston has been showing up in conference finals left and right. Though another championship win has been elusive—they’ve lost twice in the row to the Cavaliers, knocking them out of the running—it’s only a matter of time before the Celtics are back on top once again!


Frequently Asked Questions

Where do the Celtics play?

The Celtics claim home-court advantage at TD Garden, a downtown Boston venue that holds nearly 20,000 adoring fans. Located just above the MBTA’s North Station, it’s been home to the Celtics since 1995, when it replaced the original Boston Garden. TD Garden also hosts the NHL’s Boston Bruins, one of the most popular hockey teams in the nation. A mecca of entertainment, the venue puts on countless concerts and stand-up comedy specials every year, and even served as the venue of the 2004 Democratic Convention, the site of then-Senator Barack Obama’s keynote speech.


When do Boston Celtics tickets go on sale?

All NBA regular-season games are scheduled well in advance, providing Boston fans with ample opportunities to pick up Celtics tickets before and during the season.


When is the best time to buy Celtics tickets?

Your best bet is almost always to wait until the last minute if you want you buy Celtics tickets. They’re typically at their most expensive when they’re issued, with the price dropping as game time gets closer.  Unsold tickets mean lost revenue or wasted money for a reseller, so they’ll often do whatever it takes to move tickets at the last minute. Buyers can benefit from this by waiting as long as they can before pulling the trigger.

Of course, it’s always wise to consider each game individually. For example, if the Celtics are playing the Lakers, these tickets will always be in demand (and more expensive). If the Celtics make it to the NBA Finals, there will be no seats. Still, the general rule of thumb is to wait as long as you can before looking for Celtics tickets, both for games at home and away.


So what’s the best way to buy Celtics tickets?

Don’t risk overpaying at the box office. If you want to buy last-minute Celtics tickets available, turn to Gametime—you’ll get the best price for the best seats. Our online marketplace makes it easier than ever to find tickets. Whether you’re a Boston native or you’re traveling and hoping to catch an away game, Gametime makes it quick, easy, and affordable to buy Celtics tickets.

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Boston Celtics Schedule and Ticket Prices

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6/6BostonTD Garden$670
6/9BostonTD Garden$704
6/17BostonTD Garden$1,028
6/23BostonTD Garden$1,275