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Milwaukee Bucks Tickets

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About the Milwaukee Bucks

Milwaukee Bucks Tickets

The Milwaukee Bucks have been a major NBA player in the Midwest since their founding in 1968. They’ve built a legacy of steady success, with a number of excellent all-rounders and great scorers wearing the Bucks jersey over the years, especially during the ’70s and ’80s.


The Bucks and the Golden Age

The team’s first two decades are most widely known as the real deal when it comes to the Bucks. In those early years, Milwaukee walked off with literally a dozen division titles, marking them as one of the most consistent competitors in the NBA. 

The first championship win for the Bucks also came during this time in 1971, which was a surprise to no one. The win came in no small part due to the fact that the great Kareem Abdul-Jabbar wore a Milwaukee jersey for six seasons straight, with his skyhook earning him status as an NBA legend — as did his top scoring career. Kareem’s tallied an average of 30.4 points and 15.3 rebounds per game as a Buck, which might have something to do with that legacy.


More than Just a Hook Shot

Kareem was always more than his hook shot, though, and the Bucks were more than just Kareem. The Kareem–Oscar Robertson era for Milwaukee ushered in their NBA championship in signature style, with the Bucks winning 12 out of 14 postseason games. People still talk about that awe-inspiring run to this very day.

Of course, the Bucks have established a long history of excellent team leaders. Whether it’s Giannis Antetokounmpo, Sam Cassell, Ray Allen, or Michael Redd, every one of these players has brought excellence to the court and has shown the world what Milwaukee is capable of on the court.


Rivalries to Last a Lifetime

A team that’s been around as long as the Bucks — and one that’s been as successful — is bound to build some deep rivalries. One of these is undoubtedly the relationship Milwaukee has with the Chicago Bulls. Not only is Chicago geographically close, but the Bucks have also traded the spotlight with the Bulls throughout the history of the Eastern Conference.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that Midwesterners are proud of their ball teams. There might be a grudging respect between Milwaukee and Chicago whenever their teams meet on the court, but there’s also a real push from both sides to show the other they mean business. This has led to some of the most dramatic showdowns in NBA history — and these clashes are likely to continue into the foreseeable future.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where do the Bucks play?

The Milwaukee Bucks are hosted at the Fiserv Forum for their home games. This brand-new arena is also the home to Marquette University’s Golden Eagles men’s basketball team. When it’s not being used for basketball, the Fiserv Forum hosts arena-level concerts and other large-scale events like monster truck rallies. Located in downtown Milwaukee, the stadium can hold more than 17,000 dedicated fans.


When do Bucks tickets go on sale?

Bucks tickets go on sale early, thanks to the NBA planning out its full schedule long before the season starts. This is good news for you because you’ll know where the Bucks are going to be for every game in the regular season, giving you plenty of time to plan which games you’d like to attend.


When is the best time to buy Bucks tickets?

Don’t feel like you need to buy your tickets the minute they go on sale. With tickets available literally months in advance, there’s no rush. In fact, you’re often at an advantage if you hold off on buying tickets until much later. This is especially true if you’re looking to get cheap Bucks tickets through an online marketplace like Gametime.

Here’s the deal: resellers who offer seats on Gametime and other ticket marketplaces buy these seats at wholesale prices. Unless they move all their inventory, they take a loss on those tickets, so resellers get increasingly motivated to sell cheap Bucks tickets the closer it comes to game day. Waiting patiently means you’ll get some really affordable seats.


So what’s the best way to buy cheap Bucks tickets?

You should always use a ticket marketplace if you want to find the cheapest Bucks tickets. The wholesale prices resellers pay to buy their tickets directly from the NBA are much better than the league’s retail prices, so it’s in your best interest to use your favorite reseller marketplace site to get the cheapest basketball tickets possible.


Why should I choose Gametime over another ticket reseller?

Gametime’s popularity as a marketplace for cheap tickets means we attract some of the best resellers, so we’re able to offer the cheapest Bucks tickets around. With so many different ways to buy tickets online, we make sure that your experience using our site is the best ever. That’s why we also make sure you have access to our virtual seating charts for every arena we sell cheap tickets for, so you can see what you view will look like from the seats you’re buying before your purchase.

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