Highmark Stadium Tickets

Highmark Stadium Tickets



Preseason: Chicago Bears at Buffalo Bills
1:00 PMโ€ขHighmark Stadium


Preseason: Carolina Panthers at Buffalo Bills
1:00 PMโ€ขHighmark Stadium


Arizona Cardinals at Buffalo Bills
1:00 PMโ€ขHighmark Stadium


Jacksonville Jaguars at Buffalo Bills
7:30 PMโ€ขHighmark Stadium


Tennessee Titans at Buffalo Bills
1:00 PMโ€ขHighmark Stadium


Miami Dolphins at Buffalo Bills
1:00 PMโ€ขHighmark Stadium


Kansas City Chiefs at Buffalo Bills
4:25 PMโ€ขHighmark Stadium


San Francisco 49ers at Buffalo Bills
8:20 PMโ€ขHighmark Stadium


New England Patriots at Buffalo Bills
1:00 PMโ€ขHighmark Stadium


New York Jets at Buffalo Bills
1:00 PMโ€ขHighmark Stadium


Buffalo Bills Season Tickets
Time TBDโ€ข2024 Season Passโ€ขHighmark Stadium

About Highmark Stadium

New Era Field

Located in the suburb of Orchard Park, New York, the great venerable edifice of New Era Field dominates the local landscape. The home of the NFL’s Buffalo Bills for more than four decades, this open-air football stadium has stood the test of time perhaps better than the Bills have, thanks to extensive renovations over the years to keep the arena modern despite its age.


The History of New Era Field

The Buffalo Bills began life as an American Football League team in 1960. At that time, the franchise played in Buffalo’s War Memorial Stadium, but when the AFL merged with the NFL in 1970, the Bills’ old stadium wasn’t large enough to comply with NFL arena seating minimums. This prompted the construction of New Era Field, which opened its doors in 1973.

Thanks to its advanced age, New Era Field has undergone tons of rehab work to keep it modern. The first attempt was in 1984 when its seating was expanded with some additional executive suites. The second reno was in 1992 and provided even more seating and a massive new Jumbotron scoreboard. In 1998, the stadium underwent a full overhaul, and additional renovation work occurred in 2003, 2007, and 2012, all to keep it as modern and comfortable as possible for today’s fans.


What Makes New Era Field Events So Special?

New Era Field events are always amazing thanks to the major investments that have been made into keeping this stadium as modern as possible. While some may joke that the Bills have been cursed since moving into their new digs in 1973, New Era Field stands as one of the NFL’s oldest, most historic, and most thoroughly modern open-air arenas ever.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where is New Era Field located?

New Era Field is located in Orchard Park, New York, a suburb south of Buffalo.


What kind of events does New Era Field host?

Many notable events take place at New Era Field, such as college football, as well as, professional football, ice hockey, and other New Era Field events such as concerts.


Which team is playing at New Era Field?

With New Era Field designed exclusively to NFL specifications, the Buffalo Bills are the one and only major tenant.


Where can I park for free at New Era Field?

There are seven official parking lots in the area immediately surrounding the stadium. The price for an individual parking spot for New Era Field sporting events is $30. Tickets can be purchased on game day and are limited to availability on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you prefer to save a few bucks, then you can find alternative parking a short walk away from the stadium, at off-site lots. Fans must have a valid game ticket to be parked in the Bills parking lots.


What is the seating capacity of New Era Field?

Since 2016, New Era Field events can seat 71,608 fans.


Who owns New Era Field?

The stadium is owned by Erie County.


How do I get to New Era Field using public transport?

If you’re looking to save yourself the hassle of parking at New Era Field sporting events, you can turn to Uber. The stadium has teamed up with Uber to provide fans with a simple and easy way to catch a ride from right outside the stadium. If uber isn’t your thing, bus routes 14, 40, and 19 all serve the stadium, and will drop you off a short walk away - for a fraction of the price!