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About Twenty One Pilots

Twenty One Pilots Tickets

“All my friends are heathens, take it slow.” These song lyrics were blasting through radio and streaming speakers all through 2016 – but 21 Pilots had songs out way before this Suicide Squad Soundtrack hit.

The band has been together since 2009, but they didn’t get their label until 2012. They’ve lost and gained some members along the way – but things keep getting better. Like in 2013, when they had three singles from their album, Vessel, go platinum. And in 2015 when their third album, Blurryface, reached the peak of the Billboard top 200. And finally, in 2016, when their song Heathens topped charts everywhere and they won a grammy for their song, “Stressed Out”. That’s a lot of fame for such a small band!


Their Success Story

Out of all the self-acclaimed “rebellious kid(s) who questioned authority”, why did this musical group make it to the big leagues? Thought leaders in the music industry say it’s because they don’t sound like anyone else. They’re constantly evolving their sound and aren’t afraid to write songs about some less than picture-perfect concepts. The award-winning song “Stressed Out” is a good example. Its lyrics capture the anxiety many young adults are feeling these days to just “wake up and make the money”. And while the band’s sound is loved across generations, they’re great at putting out perfect millennial anthems.


Start Weird, Stay Weird

If you ask the duo behind Twenty One Pilots what their plans are for the future, they’ll tell you they’re planning to “stay strange“. And strange they are. At the beginning of their career, they didn’t ask fans to come to their shows. They decided they’d rather play the hard-to-get (or hard to see) angle than beg people to come to their shows. Thankfully for you, they’ve ditched that strategy since making it big. And fans who see them perform are always seeing a slightly different show.

To quote Tyler Joseph, the singer/songwriter of the band “People say there’s nothing new, and I’m constantly trying to prove them wrong”. What version of the Twenty One Pilots will you get to experience? Get tickets here, so you don’t miss a truly once-in-a-lifetime show!


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Twenty One Pilots’ music style? 

It really depends on which era and album you’re looking at. Twenty One Pilots combine lots of music genres and styles so it’s hard to put them into just one category. Some of their main music styles rock elements, electronic sounds, pop influences, and a few reggae-sounding songs. They’re mainly considered to be an alternative band - however, their fans like to call them ‘Ukulele Screamo’ which I guess is pretty accurate!


What are Twenty One Pilots’ greatest hits? 

It's really not easy to pick Twenty One Pilots’ greatest hits. We've listed just 10 of their absolute greatest hits - is your favorite here? 

  • Levitate (2018)
  • Truce (2013)
  • Ride (2015)
  • Holding Onto You (2011)
  • Lane Boy (2015)
  • Migraine (2013)
  • Car Radio (2013)
  • Jumpsuit (2018)
  • Heathens (2016)
  • Stressed Out (2015)


Have Twenty One Pilot won any music awards? 

Twenty One Pilots have achieved commercial and critical success. Since 2011, they have received 90 nominations, of which they have won 30. At the 59th GRAMMY Awards in 2016, the band won their first career GRAMMY for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance for "Stressed Out." Fun fact: the duo received the award in their underwear in a nod to a promise they made before they were famous: If they ever won a GRAMMY they would accept it in their underwear.


What has influenced Twenty One Pilots’ music? 

Twenty One Pilots’ career started with the band playing for a wide variety of audiences at clubs and venues around the Columbus area. Since these venues typically hosted a wide range of metal, hardcore, and electronic bands, this had a strong impact on the band who started incorporating these disparate styles in their songs. In general, Twenty One Pilots’ music style spans many genres which are generally difficult to assign but the band refers to its musical style as schizophrenic pop, an unofficial subgenre of pop.


Do Twenty One Pilots write their own songs?

The band’s lead singer, Tyler Joseph, is credited with writing all Twenty One Pilots’ songs lyrics.

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