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About the US Open

US Open Golf Tickets

The US Open is a big deal. As one of four major annual golf championships, it’s part of both the PGA Tour and the European Tour, attracting fans of the sport from around the world. Put on each year by the United States Golf Association, the US Open has been an important piece of the sport’s history for more than a century – the first one was held in 1895!


Practice Makes Perfect

Not just anyone can play in the US Open. That being said, it’s dubbed an “open” tournament because it’s available to professionals as well as amateur players, provided they have a USGA handicap of 1.4 or less. Competitors still need to qualify through professional play in order to get in, though there are a number of exemptions. If you’ve won a US Open anytime in the last ten years, you can show up no questions asked, for example. You’re also exempt from qualifying if you’re in the top 60 in the Official World Golf Ranking two weeks before the tournament. Either way, the US Open attracts the best and brightest golfers from around the globe, and damn if they don’t put on a show.

Some of the best players in the sport have competed at the US Open over the years. While the British had the upper hand in the early days of the championship, the event has been firmly dominated by American golfers since 1910, and often by a major margin. Take Tiger Woods, for example, who won 15 strokes ahead in 2000, a tournament record that’s likely to stand for a very long time.


Kind of a Big Deal

When you’ve been the gold standard for professional golf tournaments for more than a century, you know you’re doing something right. Even its early days were far from modest: while the first US Open was only 32 holes, things changed a few years later. Since 1898 the championship has taken place on an 18-hole course over four rounds for a total of 72 holes of stroke play.

But the length of the tournament isn’t the only thing that’s grueling. The USGA chooses courses with care from a long list of some of the most difficult in the country. These courses often stress high driving accuracy and the ability to handle vast amounts of open rough, pinched fairways, and undulating greens. But the reward is worth it – the purse for the US Open is the largest of the four major championships at $12 million as of 2019. Only the PGA Tour’s Players Championship awards more. As we said, the US Open is a big deal.



How do I buy cheap US Open Golf tickets?

The best way to get cheap US Open golf tickets is to buy them through a ticket marketplace. These platforms offer the highest availability and the best US Open golf ticket prices, while also offering guarantees that your tickets will be legitimate.


When do US Open Golf tickets go on sale?

The US Open golf tournament is a super popular event, so tickets for the championship go on sale several weeks or even months before the first round. But if you’re looking to score the best price for US Open golf tickets you shouldn’t buy them as soon as they go on sale; in fact, your best bet is to wait until the last minute if you want to score cheap US Open golf tickets. As the event approaches, resellers drop prices to ensure they move their inventory, which means better deals for you.


How much do US Open Golf tickets cost?

US Open Golf ticket prices can vary. The three tiers of tickets available for each round –Gallery, Trophy Club, and Lodge Premier – offer increasingly better (and more expensive) vantage points of the action. This means the cost of these tickets will go up depending on how close you want to get to the drama.

Additionally, US Open Golf ticket prices early in the championship are generally lower than those in later rounds. Gallery tickets for June 10th can be had for as little as $15 on average, while the same seats on June 16th might cost almost 10 times as much. Meanwhile, higher tier seats can be several hundred dollars depending on what day of the tournament you want to attend.


Where does the US Open Golf tournament take place?

The US Open takes place on a different course every year. These courses have little in common with each other except for the fact that they’re very challenging. For the 2019 US Open, the honor goes to Pebble Beach Golf Links near Monterey, California. 

In addition to being a grueling course, it’s also spectacularly pretty, as it’s situated right on the cliffs above Carmel Bay overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Its panoramic vistas have made it a favorite for the USGA – this year’s tournament will be the sixth US Open to be held there since 1970.


When does the US Open Golf tournament take place?

The US Open takes place in mid-June every year. The final round is always scheduled so that it falls on the third Sunday of the month to coincide with Father’s Day. For the 2019 US Open, this means the last round will take place between June 10th and June 16th.

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