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St. Louis Cardinals Tickets

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About the St. Louis Cardinals

St. Louis Cardinals Tickets

When it comes to the history of baseball, the St. Louis Cardinals have seen it all. Founded as the Browns in 1882, the team has been a member of the National League since well before the 1903 MLB merger. It wasn’t until 1900 when they adopted their current name, but the Cards have been around the block more than once.

In fact, it’s awfully hard to ruffle these birds' feathers. With 11 World Series wins under their wings, 19 National League pennants, and 13 East and Central Division titles, the Cardinals have a record to make any fan proud. And with the team producing 20 league MVPs, three Cy Young award winners, and four batting Triple Crowns, who’s going to argue with that?


The roaring twenties and beyond

The Cardinals’ first few decades made for a slow but steady development period, but all that hard work started paying off when their impressive pennant and World Series wins began in 1926. Soon to be known as the Gashouse Gang, the Cards would go on to win the championship again in 1931 and 1934, with the latter seeing baseball great Dizzy Dean earning MVP for the year. 

It wasn’t only Dean who was driving the Gashouse Gang to victory, though. Teammates Joe Medwick and Johnny Mize provided raw power to the team, complementing Dean’s famous pitching. Medwick even bagged the last Triple Crown for the Cards in 1937. The Redbirds would push through the 1940s with major World Series wins in 1942 and 1944, thanks in no small part to Stan Musial, who left but came back in time to help bag one more championship in 1946.


The Busch years

Ownership for the Cardinals changed hands in the early '50s, when Anheuser-Busch bought the franchise and owner Gussie Busch took on the role of team president. The Cards would remain competitive for more than a decade but didn’t win a championship again until 1964. The team built on their success through the ‘70s and beyond, with players like Joe Torre, Keith Hernandez, and Ozzie Smith, who was talented enough to earn himself the nickname “The Wizard.” 

Gussie’s death in the late '80s shook up the Cards and put the team on a new path, resulting in Anheuser-Busch selling the franchise. New iterations of the team saw major milestones like Mark McGuire’s duel with the Cubs’ Sammy Sosa, two more World Series wins in 2006 and 2011, and one of the most devoted fan bases in baseball history. From the 1880s to today the Cards always seem to deliver. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Where do the Cardinals play?

The Cards play their home games at Busch Stadium. While the team is no longer owned by Anheuser-Busch, the franchise has so much love for former owner Gussie Busch that over the years they’ve named three ballparks after him!


When do Cardinals tickets go on sale?

Cardinals tickets go on sale before the MLB’s regular season even begins. This makes it super easy to plan your trips to Busch Stadium or catch the Cards on the road.


Is it better to buy Cardinals tickets in advance?

With Cardinals tickets being available so far ahead of time, it’s easy to buy Cardinals tickets in advance. But believe it or not, you may not need to! In fact, you can often get cheap last-minute tickets to Cardinals games by waiting until prices drop as game day approaches. 

Since unsold tickets don’t generate any money, sellers drop prices to encourage sales, especially when resellers paid for the tickets out of their own pocket. Because they’ll lose money on any unsold tickets, resellers are even more motivated to sell at any price just to break even.


What’s the best way to buy cheap Cardinals tickets?

The best way to buy cheap Cardinals tickets, or really any cheap last-minute sports tickets, is always going to be from reseller ticket marketplaces. These apps and websites are your best bet for finding affordable prices without risking getting scammed out of Cardinals tickets. Can you buy Cardinals tickets at the stadium? Sure, but don’t expect great prices — or even great seats!


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