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Chicago Cubs Tickets

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About the Chicago Cubs

Chicago Cubs Tickets

Chicago is home to one of the most loved and respected MLB franchises of all time. As a feather in the cap of the Windy City, this team has seen its fair share of ups and downs through the years, with its loyal fans staying true Cubbie blue the whole way.


The Former White Sox?

The Chicago Cubs are a piece of MLB history, having been around since nearly the league’s inception. Funny enough, when the Cubbies joined the MLB back in 1876, their official name was the Chicago White Stockings. (Something true Cubs fans like to forget.) They didn’t get renamed the Cubs until 1903, as much to differentiate themselves from their newly-formed interleague rivals as to stand on the merits of their own accomplishments.

And let’s not forget, the Cubs have a huge list of accomplishments pretty much from day one. Their 1906 season saw them win an incredible 116 games, making it all the way to the World Series before the White Sox shot them down. The Cubbies got their revenge, though, as  World Series champs in both 1907 and in 1908. These wins made them the first team to not only play three World Series in a row but the first to win it twice.


A Long Drought

Despite their early successes — setting records that stand to this day in the MLB — the North Siders wouldn’t have endless good luck. Though they would take the pennant regularly in three-year intervals for a while, their luck seemed to run out in 1945. They took the pennant again that year but ultimately failed to win the World Series.

The end of the 1945 season began what has become another one for the record books — one of the longest droughts in pro sports history. The struggle was real, and the Cubbies would go another 71 years before winning another pennant. Even worse, it would be an astonishing 108 years before their next World Series championship win. Talk about a long wait!


Breaking the Curse

Everything changed for the Cubs in 2016. Chicago broke their National League Championship Series drought when they defeated the Los Angeles Dodgers for a shot at the World Series — and they finally snapped that curse right in half when the Cubbies took the championship from the Cleveland Indians that year.

The Cubs of today are driven to keep up the good work. The 2017 season saw them matched up with the Dodgers for the NLCS again, though LA took Chicago down this time around. In the following year, the Cubbies lost to the Colorado Rockies for the wild card spot, but their spirits aren’t broken. This Chicago team didn’t give up after 108 years, and they won’t now.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where do the Cubs play?

The North Siders have played their home games at the famous Wrigley Field since 1916. With its iconic brick outfield wall covered in ivy, a hand-tuned scoreboard, and the hawkers’ charming echo of “Old Style” throughout the stadium, Wrigley Field has plenty of personality to spare.


When do Cubs tickets go on sale?

Once again in high demand after breaking the curse, Cubs tickets are available for purchase even before the season starts. The MLB plans out all of its teams’ games far in advance, which means both the NL and the AL know where they’re going to be before Spring Training even rolls around.


When is the best time to buy cheap Cubs tickets?

Whether you want to buy cheap Cubs tickets, or tickets to any other team, your best bet is always to wait as long as possible. Since unsold tickets don’t make anyone any money, prices drop quickly the closer you get to game time. When it comes to resellers, they’re even more motivated: tickets that go unsold cost resellers money, so they need to move them at any cost to avoid taking a hit.


What’s the best way to buy cheap Cubs tickets?

Your best bet to buy cheap Cubs tickets is always going to be using an online marketplace. They’re perfect for buying cheap tickets from resellers who already got bulk pricing on seats directly from the MLB. Because resellers get their seats for a song, they can offer them to you at a great price while still making a tidy profit for themselves. The MLB gets their money, the reseller gets theirs, and you get great seats at an affordable price. What’s not to like?


Why should I choose Gametime over other ticket marketplaces?

We know how many different ticket marketplaces are out there, and we know you’ve got a choice — so, let’s help you make the right one. Gametime has the best prices on cheap Cubs tickets thanks to our super low service fees. Not only that, but our virtual seating charts show you the view from your chosen seat before buying, without all that frustrating online sleuthing.

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