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PNC Park Tickets

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About PNC Park

PNC Park

Pittsburgh is one town you don’t mess with. They’re rough, they’re tough, and they’ve got some of the best pro sports teams within spitting distance of the East Coast. That’s why PNC Park, right in the city’s North Shore neighborhood, is one of the most incredible ballparks in the MLB.


The History of PNC Park

PNC Park first opened its doors in 2001, making it one of the first 21st-century sports venues in Pittsburgh. Designed to replace the aging Three Rivers Stadium, PNC Park was designed specifically to not just provide a home for the Pittsburgh Pirates but also to provide an enhanced aesthetic experience for fans and attendees. The park’s design incorporates “retro” style elements as a result, calling back to classic ballparks like Fenway and Wrigley Field.


What Makes PNC Park So Special?

PNC Park is very special. First of all, it’s one of the smallest parks in the MLB at just barely 38,000 seats. This makes it a real intimate event whenever you attend a Pirates game – especially because its seats are angled towards the field. The aisles are also lower than in most parks. Together this makes for great viewing, which means you’ll never miss a minute of the action. All of this, plus the beautiful view of the Pittsburgh skyline you can see from the stadium, the fact that the 6th Street Bridge was renamed the Roberto Clemente Bridge in honor of one of the game’s most astounding players of all time, and even more have earned this ballpark accolades from the very beginning. If you’ve never been, you are missing out – get yourself a pair of Pirates tickets today and go enjoy PNC Park’s classic baseball experience today!


Frequently Asked Questions

Where is PNC Park located?

PNC Park is located on the North Shore of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


What kind of events does PNC Park host?

There have been a number of collegiate baseball games played at the park. PNC Park concerts are also a hit, with such great talents as Bruce Springsteen, the Rolling Stones, and Billy Joel having sold-out events there over the years.


Which team is playing at PNC Park?

PNC Park is a single-use ballpark, so it’s been the exclusive home of the Pirates (MLB) since it opened in 2001.


Where can I park for free at PNC Park?

Fans are encouraged to arrive as early as possible if wishing to park in one of the official parking lots for PNC Park events. If you're coming from the north, your best parking choice is to use one of the North Shore surface lots or garages around PNC Park. If you're coming from the south, west or east - parking downtown will be best for you. There are many parking options downtown costing only $6.00 on game days, making it an easy and cost-effective way to get to the ballpark. You can then get to the ballpark by walking over the Clemente Bridge.


What is the seating capacity of PNC Park?

PNC Park sporting events seat 38,747 people.


Who owns PNC Park?

PNC Park is owned by the Sports and Exhibition Authority of Pittsburgh and Allegheny County.


How do I get to PNC Park using public transport?

For fans coming from the South Hills, you can take advantage of the free "T" service that links Golden Triangle "T" stations to the North Side "T" station - directly across the street from the ballpark. There are also more than 50 bus routes leading to downtown from all over the area - which will easily lead you to PNC Park events.