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Detroit Tigers Tickets

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About the Detroit Tigers

Detriot Tigers Tickets

Detroit has one heck of a history when it comes to baseball, and the Detroit Tigers are a part of that history like no other. Founded in 1984, the team is the longest-standing in the AL to have never changed its name or hometown.


One Hell of a Record

Such an iconic team has a commensurate record to go with it. The Tigers won three AL East division titles from 1972 through 1987, plus four more from 2011 to 2014 when they moved to AL Central, with a total of 11 AL pennants from 1907 to 2014. That’s damn impressive no matter how you look at it, especially when you factor in their four World Series wins over the decades.

It’s more than just a numbers game with the Tigers, though. Some of the best players of the game have worn a Detroit jersey, with the most famous being the legendary Ty Cobb. Other all-time greats like Hank Greenberg and Al Kaline helped build that legacy as well, and players like Jack Morris, Justin Verlander, Kirk Gibson, and Lance Parrish have helped safeguard that legacy through today.


Up, Down, and up Again

Just like their hometown, the Tigers have gone through some dark days but refuse to give up. The 1990s and early aughts were particularly rough on Motor City fans, but rebuilding efforts from 2004 through 2006 brought new life to the old Tigers. That year, Detroit made it to the playoffs, taking down the Yankees in the ALDS 3-1 and the Athletics in the ALCS in a shutout sweep.

Though St. Louis Cardinals finally took out the Tigers for the World Series win that year, Detroit’s performance showed the world that the Tigers were back. The Old English Ds are contenders once again, ready to take on the world!


Frequently Asked Questions

Where do the Tigers play?

The Tigers have played in open-air Comerica Park since it was built in 2000. Prior to that, the Motor City Kitties played at Tiger Stadium from 1912 to 1999, leaving some major shoes to fill!


When do Tigers tickets go on sale?

Tigers tickets go on sale before the MLB begins its regular season. In fact, cheap Tigers tickets to games played at Comerica Park are available months in advance, as are Tigers tickets for away games across the country at rival ballparks. In other words, you really don’t need to be in any kind of rush to check the Tigers’ schedule. Just pick out which games you’d like to see whenever you’ve got the itch.


Is it better to buy Tigers tickets in advance?

With Tigers tickets being available so far ahead of time, it’s easy to buy tickets whenever you want to – but there’s little need to plan ahead. You can often get cheap last-minute tickets to Tigers games by waiting to make your purchase until the very last minute. As game day gets closer and sellers drop their prices, fans reap the benefits.


What’s the best way to buy cheap Tigers tickets?

The best way to buy cheap Tigers tickets, or really any cheap last-minute sports tickets, is always going to be from a secure online platform that connects fans and resellers. These ticket marketplaces often have some of the cheapest ticket prices and are the easiest way to shop for Tigers tickets. Can you buy Tigers tickets at the stadium? Sure – but you’ll likely be paying a higher price than you need to!  


Why should I choose Gametime over other ticket marketplaces?

Ticket marketplaces are the best place to find sports tickets. And when it comes to cheap Tigers tickets, Gametime is a no-brainer. Seats bought through us are affordable because we charge some of the lowest service fees anywhere. On top of that, we show you the view from the seats you’re shopping for thanks to our panoramic seat view photos. You’ll never have to buy seats blind with Gametime – you’ll know what your view at Comerica Park will be before you buy those cheap Tigers tickets.

So the next time you’re in the market for cheap Tigers tickets, turn to Gametime.

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