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About Comerica Park

Comerica Park

Smack dab in the center of downtown Detroit, Comerica Park stands proud against the city skyline. This 41,000-fan capacity open-air ballpark might be a newcomer to Motor City considering the deep roots its predecessor might have had, but it’s proving to be a very worthy successor – and a great home for Detroit baseball!


The History of Comerica Park

Comerica Park was built over the course of three years, opening for its first game in 2000. It was built specifically to replace the venerable Tiger Stadium, which had been opened in 1912 and, despite its venerable age and its beloved status, had simply become too old and expensive to renovate any further. As a result, Detroit said goodbye to their old stadium and welcomed their brand-new one. Not all change is bad, though, and Comerica Park has shown just how much that can be true.


What Makes Comerica Park so Special?

Comerica Park is noteworthy for more than replacing Tiger Stadium. In fact, it’s much different – it’s pitcher-friendly, the opposite of its predecessor for one. Yet it keeps the Tigers’ legacy alive, as the inside of the park doubles as a museum as it displays the retired numbers of old players and features gigantic prowling tiger statues throughout. It’s also got a keyhole between the pitcher’s mound and home plate, the only park in the MLB to feature one right now. It’s a gorgeous callback to the early days of baseball, yet another reason to heap respect on this new ballpark that’s filling the shoes of the famous Tiger Stadium!


Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Comerica Park located?

Comerica Park is located in Downtown Detroit, Michigan.


What kind of events does Comerica Park host?

Aside from baseball, the park has also hosted a few one-off events through the years, such as the NHL’s Hockeytown Winter Festival in 2013 and a soccer match between France and Rome for the International Champion’s Cup in 2017.


Which team is playing at Comerica Park?

Comerica Park is home to the Detroit Tigers (MLB).


Where can I park for free at Comerica Park?

Street parking in Detroit is FREE on Sundays. If you arrive early enough, you can browse the streets close to the ballpark for Comerica Park events. But, if you can’t find a free street spot, the official parking lot operates 4,500 parking spaces within easy walking distance of Comerica Park - prices range from $15-$25. Cheaper spaces are also available in other lots within walking distance of the park.


What is the seating capacity of Comerica Park?

Comerica Park events can seat 41,083 people.


Who owns Comerica Park?

Comerica Park is owned by the Detroit-Wayne County Stadium Authority.


How do I get to Comerica Park using public transport?

Public transportation for Comerica park events is available via the Detroit People Mover, the QLine, and the SMART, which runs regional routes from the suburbs, and DDOT.

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