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Milwaukee Brewers Tickets

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About the Milwaukee Brewers

Milwaukee Brewers Tickets

While the Milwaukee Brewers might not be the winningest team in the MLB, the franchise has plenty of history under its belt. Several giants of the game have been part of the Brewers history, including Hammering Hank Aaron, owner Bud Selig, and broadcaster Bob Uecker, everyone’s favorite Milwaukee native.

One of the newer kids on the block, the Milwaukee Brewers were established in 1969 as a West Coast team. They were known as the Seattle Pilots for their inaugural season, but that wouldn’t last long – the very next year they relocated to the midwestern city that hosts them to this day. The move came with a name change to the Milwaukee Brewers as well; what better way to honor Milwaukee’s longtime involvement in the brewing industry?


A Curious History

The Brewers have a curious history behind them in that they’ve played in both the American League and the National League over the franchise’s history. This league switch isn’t unprecedented, as the Houston Astros also made the switch back in the day. What does make the Brewers unique, though, is that they’re the only team in MLB history that has also played in four different divisions.

It’s a long, convoluted quirk of fate. As the Pilots and then the Brewers, the team began play in the AL West. Yet in 1972 Milwaukee joined the AL East Division, and then in 1994, the team moved to the AL Central thanks to the MLB’s divisional realignment. Finally, when the Brewers moved to the National League, they were placed in NL Central. A lot of action for a team that hasn’t changed cities in nearly five decades!


Yet to Go All the Way

Brewers fans have yet to experience the marvel an MLB World Series win. Milwaukee has traditionally found the post-season challenging – while they’ve made many appearances in the playoffs, they’ve only been in one World Series and ultimately lost to the St. Louis Cardinals in 1982. 

The Brewers continue to push forward, though, and recent seasons show just how serious this franchise is about grabbing that brass ring. In 2018 the team made it all the way to the NLCS, where it took the Los Angeles Dodgers 7 games to stop Milwaukee’s momentum. This kind of drive has all eyes on the Brewers now to see if they’ve got the special sauce to make it to the pennant and beyond!


Frequently Asked Questions

Where do the Brewers play?

The Brewers play at Miller Park, which was built in 2001 to replace the aging Milwaukee County Stadium. With a capacity of more than 41,000 and a unique retractable roof, Miller Park was one of the biggest and most complex contracting projects in Wisconsin history at the time of its construction.


When do Brewers tickets go on sale?

Brewers tickets go on sale well before the beginning of the MLB’s regular season. In fact, cheap Brewers tickets to games played at Miller Park are available months in advance. In other words, you’ve got plenty of time to check the Brewers’ schedule and pick the games you want to see.


Is it better to buy Brewers tickets in advance?

With Brewers tickets being available so far ahead of time, it’s easy to buy Brewers tickets weeks or even months before the game you want to see. The trick is, though, that you may not even need to do so. In fact, you can often get cheap last-minute tickets to Brewers games by waiting until almost the day of the game. This is because ticket sellers will almost always drop their prices as game day creeps closer.

What’s the reason behind this price drop? Unsold tickets don’t make sellers any money.  To encourage sales, sellers often drop prices to rock-bottom, especially when they’ve forked over their own money for their wholesale tickets. With the threat of losing money on their ticket inventory, they’re even more motivated to sell at any price they can, even if it’s just to break even.


What’s the best way to buy cheap Brewers tickets?

The best way to buy cheap Brewers tickets, or really any cheap last-minute sports tickets, is always going to be from ticket websites that connect fans and resellers. These marketplaces have some of the most affordable prices and are often the safest and most secure way to shop for cheap Brewers tickets. Can you buy Brewers tickets at the stadium? Sure — if you don’t mind paying an arm and a leg for nosebleed seats at Miller Park.


Why should I choose Gametime over other ticket marketplaces?

It’s clear that ticket marketplaces are the best place for sports tickets, and Gametime is the best place to buy cheap Brewers tickets. Seats bought through us are super affordable because we charge some of the lowest service fees in the industry. You’ll also get to see your seat view in advance thanks to our panoramic stadium photos. You’ll never have to buy seats blind with Gametime, since you’ll know what your view of the field will be before you buy those cheap Brewers tickets.

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