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Oracle Park Tickets

About Oracle Park

Oracle Park

The San Francisco Giants play their home games at Oracle Park. Despite going through a handful of names since it opened in 2000, Oracle Park is one of the most recognizable parks in baseball. It sits on the shores of San Francisco Bay with a patch of water known as McCovey Cove located just beyond the right field wall. A giant Coke bottle and old-fashioned baseball mitt also sit behind the left field stands, making Oracle Park even more distinct among the country's many baseball stadiums. 


Where are the Best Places to Sit at Oracle Park

If you're willing to splurge a little, the best place to sit at Oracle Park is the Club Level seats. These seats give fans a full view of the field without making you feel too far from the action. Seats that are a little elevated along the 3rd base side of the stadium are also a good option for Oracle Park sports events. Not only will these seats allow you to see the entire field, but they'll also provide a view of San Francisco Bay to gaze at in between innings. These are also some of the cheapest Giants tickets available if you’re on a budget.


Tips for Visiting Oracle Park

When you attend Oracle Park events, it’s important to remember that the stadium gets a lot of sunshine during the day, especially in the outfield seats. As with most spots in San Francisco, it does cool down in the evenings – so bring layers! 

It’s also possible to catch a Giants game without having to pay for tickets. There is a standing room only area behind the right field wall where fans can watch for free. The caveat is that only 75 people are allowed into the area at a time. Those 75 people are also switched out every three innings, so it’s unlikely you’ll be able to watch a whole game there.


Food to Try at Oracle Park

Oracle Park actually allows fans to bring their own snacks into the ballpark, as long as they don’t have any glass containers. That said, the food inside the park is pretty good, so you might want to grab your meal there. Check out some of the stadium favorites, including the Juicy Lou, a burger named after the team’s mascot Lou Seal, as well as a vegan burger made from plants called the Impossible Burger. There are also two bistros in the ballpark that serve an artisan menu of fresh picked fruits and vegetables.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Oracle Park located?

Located on the San Francisco Bay, the right field at Oracle Park is adjacent to a section of the Bay called McCovey Cove – which leads to plenty of home runs ending up in the water!


What kind of events does Oracle Park host?

San Francisco's award-winning waterfront complex is used year-round. Oracle Park events include baseball, races, concerts, performances, and private events.


Which team is playing at Oracle Park?

Since 2000, the field has served as the home of the San Francisco Giants, the city's MLB franchise. 


Where can I park for free at Oracle Park?

The area has ample parking if you drive your own vehicle, but it won't come free (or cheap). There are more than 4,000 parking spaces in the nearby official parking facilities, and thousands more in off-site lots and parking garages near Oracle Park.


What is the seating capacity of Oracle Park?

The park opened with a seating capacity of 40,800, but over time this has increased to 41,915 thanks to the addition of extra seating for Oracle Park events.


Who owns Oracle Park?

Oracle Park is owned by the San Francisco Baseball Associates LLC.


How to get to Oracle Park using public transport

The central location of Oracle Park makes it easy to reach. You can pop over in a rideshare or a jump in a city taxi. Public transit options include Muni Metro streetcar routes to the Ballpark Station. The Caltrain station is one block from the ballpark, offering access from the peninsula. And, even the MUNI bus drops you off nearby. There's also a secure area for bicycles. 

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