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Citi Field Tickets

About Citi Field

Citi Field

After the 2008 season, the New York Mets said goodbye to their longtime home Shea Stadium and began the following season at their new home, Citi Field. The stadium is located next door to where Shea used to sit in Flushing, Queens, across the street from the famous Arthur Ashe Stadium and the site of the US Open every year.


Best Places to Sit at Citi Field

At Citi Field sporting events, the best place to sit is the Caesars Club Box. Admittedly a little expensive, this area includes padded seats and access to the Caesars Club, which is an indoor bar that has excellent views of the field. There are also several other club areas that have similar perks. Specifically, the Hyundai Club is located in sections 115-120 right behind home plate. In addition to being close to the field, these seats come with all-inclusive food and non-alcoholic beverages.


Tips for Visiting Citi Field

If you can get to the game a little early, be sure to check out the Jackie Robinson Rotunda, which is a magnificent space that includes the Citi Field Museum and Hall of Fame. While Robinson never played for the Mets, he’s still a New York Legend because of his time with the Brooklyn Dodgers, so the Mets pay homage to him. If you have time to walk around the entire stadium, you’ll also cross the Shea Bridge, which sits behind the center-field wall and bears the name of the team’s former stadium. Finally, if the Mets hit a home run, watch for the big apple in center field to come out of hiding, just as the old one did at Shea Stadium.


Food to Try at Citi Field

There's an abundance of great food options at Citi Field events. If you love a good burger, you’ll be in heaven. In addition to the famous Shake Shack having a location at Citi Field, there are several other options, including the Keith Hernandez burger stand, which is named after the Mets legend. You'll find delicious southern barbecue at Blue Smoke, fried chicken at Fuku, and tasty sandwiches at City Steaks Cheesesteak. There are also multiple Mister Softee locations for a little ice cream.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Citi Field located?  

Citi Field is located in Queens, New York on Flushing Meadows-Corona Park.


What kind of events does Citi Field host?

The ballpark hosts a number of events, including baseball, softball, concerts, corporate events, and much more.


Which team is playing at Citi Field?

Citi Field is the home field of the New York Mets.


Where can I park for free at Citi Field?

Citi Field features 12 official parking lots which will cost you $25. Fans can purchase a “preferred parking” pass before the event for access to the best lots. However, if the $25 parking fee is hard on your wallet, there are many public parking lots and garages available in the vicinity that are half the price. Just keep in mind you’ll have to walk a bit.

There is also free street parking available nearby, but these spots fill up fast on game days. So, be sure to get there a few hours before your Citi Field sporting event.


What is the seating capacity of Citi Field?

Citi Field events can seat 41,922 fans.


Who owns Citi Field?

Citi Field is owned by the government of New York City.


How do I get to Citi Field using public transport?

If you choose not to drive, public transit is also readily available. You can hop on the IRT Flushing Line which will take you directly to Citi Field events. There are also other branches and lines accessible to the stadium, depending on where you're coming from.

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