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About Hippie Sabotage

Hippie Sabotage Tickets

What have your siblings done for you lately? They probably haven’t joined forces with you to create a successful music entity called Hippie Sabotage. Not unless you’re brothers Kevin and Jeff Saurer, in which case, we’re honored you’re reading this.

While we’re sure the brothers had many fights when they were younger, they seem to have worked them out by now. Instead of fighting, they use their energy to create electronic music and instrumentals for other successful artists. You may know them for their work on their “Habits (Stay High)” remix by Tove Lo that Ellie Goulding posted. Or maybe you know them for their Johnny Long Chord EP. However, you found out about their music you can learn a little bit more about the brothers, below.


Early Music Career

It was the mid-2000s when the brothers started making music together, with the help of producer Chase Moore. They immediately began making beats for local rappers like Yukmouth, then moving on to more prominent Chicago names like 2008eighties. After they’d found their footing making tracks for rappers to lay down beats over, they started getting into their electronic style. They started off remixing others’ work, like the Tove Lo song we mentioned above.


Fame and Fortune

It wasn’t until 2014 that the brothers started to get public recognition. They were already known in the production scene, but Ellie Goulding posting their remix brought their name (Hippie Sabotage) to the attention of the public. And that was all they needed to drop their first official EP, Johnny Chord, followed soon by The Sunny Album.

Finally, in 2016, they put out Providence, a full-length studio album. And as much success as the brothers have had on their own, they continue to work with other artists when they’re not touring. There’s just something about the collaborative process that the Saurer brothers can’t get enough of.



What is Hippie Sabotage’s music style? 

This duo started their musical journey in 2005 producing mostly indie music. Lately, they have been dabbling in the Instrumental genre, and now produce a bit of both.


What are Hippie Sabotage’s greatest hits? 

With such an incredible career it's not easy to pick Hippie Sabotage’s greatest hits. We've listed just some of their absolute greatest hits - is your favorite here? 

  • Devil Eyes
  • High Enough
  • Your Soul
  • Habits (Stay High)
  • One Last Night
  • Options
  • Bob Dylan
  • Waiting Too Long


Has Hippie Sabotage won any music awards? 

As of right now, Hippie Sabotage hasn’t won any music awards. However, as they are still fresh on the scene, they have plenty of time to produce their next banger and achieve an award. 


What has influenced Hippie Sabotage’s music? 

The pair started off young, creating music at the age of 12! Then they focused on hip-hop and were creating beats for local artists such as Yukmouth. Their youth and experience are their main inspiration.


Does Hippie Sabotage write their own songs?

Hippie Sabotage focus on producing music. So, they let others write, and create great beats to go with it.