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About Big Wild

Big Wild Tickets

Do you know the artist, JBeatz? Probably not, right? At least, not by that name. That was the first stage name of songwriter and artist Jackson Stell, who now goes by Big Wild.

And while it took him a while to decide on a stage name that stuck, it didn’t take a while for his career to take off, at least, not after he moved to California. The golden state played a significant role in his career, actually, from inspiring his change of stage name to getting him noticed in the electronic music scene.


Cali on His Mind

Jackson was at the Northeastern University of Boston when he was making music as JBeatz, which he did in his free time between classes.

Then he moved to California, to the Bay Area, and found himself so inspired by Big Sur, that he came up with the name Big Wild. It was in the Bay Area that Jackson started making the beats we know him for today, which were more chill and atmospheric than the big electronic names in the scene.

Unlike most electronic artists, though, Stell played the instruments and melodies himself, before mixing them into his songs.


Odesza and “Say My Name”

In 2015, Jackson’s hard work and unique style started paying off. The Seattle-based duo Odesza liked his music so much that they invited him on tour with them.

Between that and his remix of their song “Say My Name,” Big Wild had officially come onto the scene. After working with Odesza, he toured with artists like GRiZ, Pretty Lights, and even Bassnectar.

With all that under his belt, he put out his first EP in 2017, which he followed up with a 27-stop tour. He then signed with “Counter Records” in 2018 and put out his first studio album “Superdream” a year later.

It’s been a wild ride for the kid from Lanchester, Massachusetts, but he wouldn’t change a thing. 



What is Big Wild’s music style? 

Big Wild’s style is electronic. When performing, he switches between multiple instruments, drum pads, synths, keyboards & live vocals, to deliver unique energetic electronic performances. 


What are Big Wild’s greatest hits? 

With such an incredible career it's not easy to pick Big Wild’s greatest hits. We've listed just 10 of his absolute greatest hits - is your favorite here? 

  • City of Sound (2019)
  • Heaven (2018)
  • Joypunks/Maker (2018)
  • Ascension (2018)
  • Show Me (2017)
  • I Just Wanna (2017)
  • Aftergold (2016)
  • Jubilee (2015)
  • Shadows (2014)
  • Venice Venture (2014)


Has Big Wild won any music awards? 

Not yet! But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have time to win some in the future. 


What has influenced Big Wild’s music? 

Formerly a hip-hop beat producer, known as J Beatz, in his native Massachusetts, Big Wild switched creative lanes following a trip to Big Sur, California. Now, adopting the monkier “Big Wild”  he is an electronic music producer, who takes influences from the state’s natural glory and open spaces when creating his sound.


Does Big Wild write his own songs?

No, as Big Wild is an electronic music producer, he focuses more on the music rather than the lyrics.