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About Les Miserables

Les Miserables Tickets

Even if they don’t know how to pronounce it correctly or know what the French translation, everybody knows the musical Les Misérables. By the way, it has several translations, including “Wretched,” “The Poor Ones,” and “The Miserable Ones.” Since its debut in Paris in 1980, it’s become one of the most recognizable shows in the theater world. Les Misérables went on to win over half a dozen Tony Awards and become one of the longest-running musicals in both London and New York. 

The grim and depressing nature of the show’s storyline has done nothing to detract audiences throughout the world. Throughout the globe, Les Misérables has become synonymous with brilliance. Audiences know that a trip to see Les Mis in person is guaranteed to be a special experience, as it remains one of the most popular shows on Broadway and London’s West End.

The Origin Story

Who could have guessed that when Victor Hugo wrote the novel Les Misérables in the 1860s that it would still be resonating with audiences in some form or another for more than 150 years? After all, it’s a story of a peasant seeking redemption in an unforgiving world. However, composer Claude-Michel Schönberg created the perfect score for telling such a touching story. The musical has been so successful that it was made into a feature film in 2012, featuring the likes of Hugh Jackman, Anne Hathaway, and Russell Crowe. It was a sign that Les Misérables is truly timeless.

Pick a Song

Part of the brilliance of Les Misérables is that audience members can never agree on the musical’s best song. It has produced so many classics that everyone who sees the show identifies best with a different song. For some, it’s “On My Own,” a song about unrequited love. For others, it’s “I Dreamed a Dream,” a melancholic song about a person who has hit rock bottom. Finally, there is the uplifting nature of “Do You Hear the People Sing?” which leaves the audience feeling hope and optimism. With such a diverse array of songs in Les Misérables, every audience member is bound to walk away from the performance with their emotions stirred by what they heard.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much are Les Miserables tickets?

Les Miserables ticket prices will differ depending on the source and the seats. The best price for Les Miserables tickets is usually around $142 a ticket, and that’s for nosebleed seats! If you want floor seats, or if you’re shopping for tickets at a popular venue, you could easily be looking at a few hundred dollars more.

How to buy Les Miserables tickets?

Les Miserables ticket prices are going to be pretty high if purchased directly from the box office. That means the best way to buy cheap Les Miserables tickets is online through a ticket marketplace. Ticket marketplaces like Gametime are perfect because they put you in contact with resellers looking to move seats at a relative bargain. It’s the safest and most affordable way to get the best price for Les Miserables tickets.

How long is a Les Miserables show?

The expected running time of Les Miserables is around 2 hours and 55 minutes, including an intermission.

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