Published: Jan. 06, 2020

Super Bowl 2020 Miami: What's the Super Bowl Experience?


If you’ve never had the fortune of being able to attend a Super Bowl in person, you should consider adding it to your bucket list. Obviously, we all know that Super Bowl ticket prices are rarely cheap, nor are tickets easy to get a hold of. However, the Super Bowl experience is like no other sporting event. Even if your favorite team doesn’t make it, consider buying a last-minute Super Bowl ticket and going to the game anyway. If you don’t, here’s a look at everything you’ll be missing.


Official Fan Experience

For a full week leading up to the Super Bowl, the NFL hosts the official Super Bowl Experience, which is essentially a football-related theme park. This year, the Super Bowl Experience is being hosted by the Miami Beach Convention Center starting on Saturday, January 25, which is more than a week before the game. Other than Monday and Tuesday, the event is open every day until the following Saturday, the day before the game. Fans in Miami for the game, as well as those in Miami who aren’t attending the game, can stop by and enjoy just about anything a fan would want to do. Tickets range from $20 to $40 depending on the day and kids can gain entry for free.

There are more than enough activities and exhibits at the official Super Bowl Experience to keep both kids and adults busy for a full day, and possibly more than one day. Kids can participate in youth football clinics while both kids and adults can enjoy a virtual reality experience, such as testing themselves in the vertical jump or the 40-yard dash against real NFL players on LED screens. There are also Super Bowl rings on display and an opportunity to have your picture taken with the Vince Lombardi Trophy. You may also run into a few NFL players holding autograph sessions.


Super Bowl Music Fest

Contrary to popular belief, the Super Bowl is not all about football. The Super Bowl festivities every year include the Super Bowl Music Fest, which is always a big hit amongst fans. This is a three-night event taking place at America Airlines Arena in downtown Miami in the days leading up to the game. Every night, there is a concert with a different headliner. Last year, the likes of Aerosmith, Bruno Mars, and Ludacris had the honors of being the headliners, and whatever acts are booked for this year’s shows are likely to match or exceed those names in stature.


Shaq’s Fun House

One of the craziest parties of Super Bowl weekend is hosted by Shaquille O’Neal. The party takes place on the Friday before the game and is essentially a part-carnival and a part-upscale party, which is why it’s called Shaq’s Fun House. The party features the kinds of games and rides that you would find at a carnival, not to mention fine food and drink. Of course, one could argue that the real treat is the entertainment, which includes several noteworthy recording artists, as well as Shaq himself serving as DJ for part of the evening.


Players Tailgate Party

Outside of the game itself, the VIP Tailgate Party might be the highlight of Super Bowl weekend. This has quickly become the most popular event leading up to the game, and you don’t even need a ticket to the game to attend. This is one of the few places where fans can mingle with both celebrities and current NFL players who have found their way to Miami to watch the game. On top of that, a host of celebrity chefs are providing the food. In fact, you might have a hard time deciding the best part of the event: the food or the company.


Official NFL Tailgate Party

If you’re wondering what to do in the hours leading up to game time, you can’t go wrong with the NFL’s official Tailgate Party. A ticket to the game is required to attend, but as long as you have that, this is the ultimate tailgate party. You’ll be able to mingle with fans from just about every other team, not to mention current NFL players who will be signing autographs. With the NFL in charge of organizing everything, it’s a safe bet that the food and drink at the tailgate party will be first-class all the way and unlike any other Super Bowl party that you’ve ever attended.


Halftime Show

There are no guarantees that the second half of the Super Bowl will be exciting and live up to expectations, but it’s usually a safe bet that the halftime show will be memorable. There’s little doubt that will be the case this year with Jennifer Lopez and Shakira booked as the main performers. Somehow, it’ll be the first time these two acclaimed singers will be sharing the same stage, which guarantees the Super Bowl Halftime Show will give the audience something that’s never been seen before. There’s also no telling who might show up as a surprise guest during the show, setting up for a memorable performance.



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