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Jackie Berkery
Published: Nov. 22, 2019

Super Bowl 55 Frequently Asked Questions

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Is Gametime a trustworthy source for Super Bowl tickets?

In a word: yes! At Gametime, your peace of mind is our top priority. We partner only with verified Super Bowl ticket vendors, so you can rest assured that your tickets are 100% authentic. To hear what other people are saying about Gametime, check out this article on Want to talk to a real person? Give us a ring at (888) 660-7992 to speak with our dedicated customer support team.


When is the best time to buy Super Bowl tickets?

Ticket costs vary based on a variety of factors, but there are always a few trends when it comes to Super Bowl ticket prices. If you're wondering when to buy Super Bowl tickets, keep in mind that ticket prices usually drop as the event gets closer. Visit our Buying Guide for more tips on when to buy Super Bowl Tickets


How much are Super Bowl tickets?

Face value tickets are usually at least $1,000 for nosebleeds, but you might find yourself spending multiples of that number. Of course, many factors influence ticket prices, including weather, player injuries, and the matchup itself. Check out Super Bowl ticket prices or visit our blog for practical tips to get the cheapest Super Bowl tickets possible.


What are Super Bowl zone tickets?

The Super Bowl is unlike any other sporting event – and that includes its tickets. Up until a few weeks before the game, Super Bowl tickets are sold as "zone tickets," meaning the exact seat locations aren’t yet allocated. When you buy a Super Bowl zone ticket, you're guaranteed a seat within your selected zone, but you won't know the exact section, row, or seat number(s) until closer to game day. Visit our full blog post about Super Bowl zone seating to view the Super Bowl seating chart and learn more. 






How will I get my tickets?

These tickets are kind of a big deal, so they require in-person pickup in Tampa. For security reasons, the exact pickup location isn't released until the week leading up to the Super Bowl. If you’ve purchased tickets through Gametime, keep an eye out for an email from us in late January with your convenient pickup location and more details.


When can I pick up my tickets?

You'll pick up your tickets in Tampa on Super Bowl weekend. Before the end of January, we'll send you an email with the dates and times that your tickets will be available for pickup. Don’t worry – our Gametime Guarantee ensures you’ll have your tickets in hand before the game!


Can my tickets be shipped?

Unfortunately, your tickets cannot be shipped. All Super Bowl tickets purchased from Gametime must be picked up in-person in Tampa.


How do I know my Super Bowl tickets are real? 

Gametime partners with only verified sellers, and we guarantee the authenticity of each ticket we sell. Every year Super Bowl tickets are designed with specific security features, like holograms, thermal ink, and unique textures. When this year's tickets are released, we'll be back here with more information about what to expect and how to confirm that your tickets are the real deal. 






How do I get to Hard Rock Stadium?

Hard Rock Stadium is located in Miami Gardens, Florida – just north of downtown Miami. For transportation info and parking passes, visit the Hard Rock Stadium website. Here are your best options for getting to the Super Bowl:

  • Ride Share
    Attendees can catch a ride with Uber or Lyft, both of which are widely available in the Miami area. Rideshare pickup and dropoff are restricted to a designated area at Norwood Elementary School, which is located less than a mile from the stadium. (Heads up: no tailgating is allowed at the dropoff location.)

  • Driving
    There are more than 24,000 parking spots across 20 lots at the Hard Rock Stadium, but you can bet parking will still be difficult. If you plan to drive, consider reserving a parking pass in advance to save yourself a headache.

  • Public Transit
    Miami's citywide bus and rail system, known as Miami-Dade Transit (MDT), offers several ways to get to the game – but be aware that it's not as convenient as the public transportation systems in other major cities. The easiest way to get to Hard Rock Stadium is by MetroBus 297, which runs only during game days and connects with the Metrorail system.


What can I bring into Hard Rock Stadium?

It’s the biggest game of the year, and security will be tight. All guests will go through metal detector screening prior to entering the stadium, including inspection of any items you’re bringing in. We recommend that you review the stadium policies on the official website. And don’t forget that if you plan to bring in a bag, it’ll need to be one of those nifty clear ones. 

The following items are not permitted to be carried into Hard Rock Stadium:

  • Seat cushions of any size except those for medical needs
  • Glass bottles, cans, coolers of any kind, thermoses or ice chests
  • Alcohol of any kind
  • Umbrellas, strollers, laser pointers
  • Single-purpose video cameras or still-photography cameras with a lens longer than 6″
  • Selfie Sticks
  • Flagpoles
  • Weapons and any item that may be used as a projectile or one that is deemed dangerous by Hard Rock Stadium management
  • Any animal with the exception of a service animal or service animal in training
  • Purses or bags that exceed 12″ X 6″ X 12″
  • Any other item deemed inappropriate by Hard Rock Stadium management
  • Aerosol cans (e.g., mace, pepper spray or sunscreen)


What is the bag policy at Hard Rock Stadium?

Hard Rock Stadium complies with the official NFL bag policy, as follows:

  • One bag that is clear plastic, vinyl or PVC and does not exceed 12” by 6” and 12” or a one-gallon clear plastic freezer bag (Ziploc bag or similar).
  • In addition to one of the clear bags, fans may also carry in a small clutch bag or purse approximately the size of a hand, with or without a handle or strap.
  • An exception will be made for medically necessary items after proper inspection at Gate E designated for this purpose.
  • Diapers and wipes can be carried in a clear bag. Each member of a family, including children, will be able to carry an approved clear bag and a clutch purse, providing ample storage capacity.


If you bring a bag that's too large or doesn't meet the requirements, the security staff will ask you to return it to your car or check it. Guest Experience Bag Check Locations can be found at the SE, NE and SW pedestrian crosswalks of the stadium's inner parking lots. But who wants to wait in line when you're at the Super Bowl? Grab a clear bag and roll with it. 





I have more questions! Who can I reach out to?

We’re happy to help! Or talk Super Bowl predictions. Or commiserate about the demise of your fantasy team. Reach out to our dedicated customer support team at (888) 660-7992 between 6am - 9pm PST.