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Published: Sep. 29, 2020

Your Essential Super Bowl 2021 Buying Guide

So you’ve decided to go to the Super Bowl this year, huh? First of all, good for you! For a lot of people, attending a Super Bowl in person is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. In fact, there are probably a lot of sports fans who never get to experience the thrill and excitement of seeing the year’s biggest sporting event in person. You should consider yourself fortunate and do your best to take in every second of it.

Of course, going to the Super Bowl creates a lot of questions. How do I get tickets? When is the right time to buy tickets? How do I know that my tickets are legit and I’m not getting scammed? Fortunately, we have all of the answers you need. Keep reading everything you need to know about Super Bowl LV and how to get tickets.

Everything You Want to Know

The process of buying Super Bowl tickets is different from buying tickets to any other sporting event. Folks don’t just go to the NFL and say they want tickets. Most tickets, roughly 75% of them, are distributed to the 32 teams, specifically to the two teams playing in the game. Players and team employees of the two teams in the game get most of the allotment while the rest typically go to season-ticket holders.

The remaining 25% of Super Bowl tickets end up in the hands of people who work for sponsors or TV networks. Of course, a lot of those tickets end up on the secondary market where you can find them on sites like Gametime. This is usually your best bet for finding Super Bowl tickets, which is why we’d like to share with you: 

  • How and when to buy Super Bowl tickets
  • How to find the cheapest Super Bowl tickets
  • Why Gametime is the best choice
  • What the Super Bowl experience is like

Searching for Super Bowl Tickets

If you’re looking for Super Bowl tickets, the most important thing is finding a reputable seller. Going through back channels or meeting someone in an alley is not a good idea. Find several potential sources that you know and trust so that you feel comfortable buying from that site before you start comparing ticket prices. You’ll also want to have an account already set up on those sites so you can quickly move. Believe it or not, Super Bowl tickets go fast.

Before you start your search, it’s also wise to set a budget. Obviously, only you know how much you can afford to spend on tickets. Plus, keep in mind that travel, lodging, food, and other costs go hand-in-hand with buying Super Bowl tickets. You don’t want to go over your budget because there’s always next year. At the same time, prices can fluctuate, so if you don’t see tickets in your price range, keep monitoring prices in case they come down.

When to Buy Super Bowl Tickets

Like most sporting events, tickets on the secondary market tend to come down in price the closer you get to kickoff. Even for the Super Bowl, people trying to unload their tickets will start accepting less money if they haven’t sold in the last few days before the game. Of course, this isn’t always the case because the two teams playing and several other factors play a role in determining the price. However, you should keep monitoring prices in the last few days before the Super Bowl because this is when you often see ticket prices come down.

If your favorite team reaches the Super Bowl, don’t make the mistake of buying tickets as soon as they book their ticket. There is always a rush for tickets immediately after the conference championship games, causing a spike in prices. Allow things to calm down in the two weeks between the conference championship games and the Super Bowl. If you can hold out until a day or two before the game, you’ll usually find the best deals.

Why Gametime?

Whether it’s the Super Bowl or any other event, Gametime has proven to be the best place to buy tickets on the secondary market. We know that buying Super Bowl tickets is a big deal, so we do everything we can to make you feel calm and confident.

For starters, we guarantee that the tickets you buy on Gametime will be 100% authentic. We only partner with verified Super Bowl ticket holders. We also have a customer support team that’s dedicated to the Super Bowl, so when you call, we usually answer on the first ring.

Plus, with Gametime, you always get the lowest fees of any site. You’re already spending a lot on these tickets and we don’t want you to spend any more than you have to on service fees. We also use a curated list to reduce the time you spend scrolling for tickets. We do the leg work so that you only see the best tickets available based on price, location, and the best deals available.

The Super Bowl Experience

If you’ve never been to Raymond James Stadium, it should be on the bucket list of any football fan. The stadium has already hosted two Super Bowls and one College Football Playoff National Championship Game. As the home of the Buccaneers, it’s the only NFL stadium with a giant replica pirate ship in one end zone. There is also ample space around the stadium for tailgating and all of the usual pre-game activities you’ll only find at the Super Bowl. Finally, Raymond James Stadium received an extensive renovation in 2016 to update many of the venue’s amenities, including the video board. When Super Bowl LV rolls around, Raymond James Stadium will be nothing short of spectacular and be everything that a Super Bowl venue should be. 


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