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Super Bowl LIV Tickets
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Super Bowl LIV Tickets

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About the Super Bowl LIV

When do Super Bowl tickets go on sale?

Super Bowl tickets generally go on sale right at the beginning of the NFL season, though most people wait until later in the season – or even after the conference championships – to buy their tickets. 


How much do Super Bowl LV tickets cost?

Face value Super Bowl ticket prices generally start at $1,000 – and that's for nosebleed seats! That said, prices vary depending on the matchup, the players, weather, and when you purchase your tickets. Super Bowl ticket prices generally drop in the days leading up to the game, but they can change substantially once the matchup is determined. For tips on how to find the cheapest Super Bowl tickets, visit our Super Bowl Buying Guide


When is the best time to buy Super Bowl tickets?

Super Bowl ticket prices fluctuate throughout the season and as the game nears, so it's smart to keep an eye on prices. Immediately following the AFC and NFC championship games, for example, prices are usually driven higher by fans who want to see their team play on Super Bowl Sunday. Generally speaking, though, the closer it is to game day, the cheaper Super Bowl tickets become. This means that last-minute Super Bowl tickets are almost always the way to go.


How do Super Bowl zone tickets work?

The Super Bowl is a one-of-a-kind event, and exact seat locations aren’t allocated until a few weeks before the game. Your ticket guarantees a seat within a specific zone, designated by the colors on our Hard Rock Stadium seating map. Check out our full blog post about Super Bowl zone tickets for more info and section details.


How will I receive my Super Bowl tickets?

All Super Bowl tickets purchased on Gametime require in-person pickup in Tampa. Once you've purchased your tickets, you’ll receive more details about our convenient pickup location the week before the Super Bowl. 


What’s the best way to buy Super Bowl tickets?

Hands down: on a ticket marketplace. The NFL partners with Ticketmaster to sell official tickets, but it's unlikely that's where you're going to get the best deal. Gametime sources tickets from several verified vendors to help you unlock the best deals on the cheapest Super Bowl tickets. 


Why should I choose Gametime?

Gametime offers some of the best prices for Super Bowl tickets, paired with some of the lowest service fees—so you know you're getting the best deal possible. And when you purchase our guaranteed tickets, you can rest assured knowing you'll have your tickets in-hand on game day. 


When is the Super Bowl?

The Super Bowl takes place on the first Sunday in February every year. This season, Super Bowl LV happens on February 7th, 2021.


Where is the Super Bowl held?

Super Bowl LV will take place at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida.

The location of the Super Bowl changes each year, though some cities are chosen to host more often than others. Not unlike the Olympics, the NFL chooses the Super Bowl location well in advance, and host cities must make a bid for the privilege. To even be considered, the city typically needs to meet the following requirements:

  • Have their own NFL team
  • Have a stadium with seating capacity of at least 70,000 seats
  • Be in a sufficiently warm climate or offer an indoor arena – so the teams aren’t playing in 3 feet of snow!
  • Other requirements include having enough practice space for two teams, providing ample parking space for fans to attend and tailgate, and sufficient infrastructure to support the event in general.



The Greatest Football Game on Earth: A Brief History

Way back in the dark ages (ahem, the 1960s), pro football wasn't dominated by just one league like it is today. Two leagues competed for fans' allegiance—the National Football League (NFL) as the veteran league created in the 1920s, and the American Football League (AFL) as the new up-and-comer. Though the greener AFL wasn't particularly successful at the outset, all of that changed when the two leagues went head-to-head in the first ever cross-league championship game—an event that soon came to be known as the "Super Bowl." 

The first Super Bowl was held at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum on January 15th, 1967, and tickets were just $12. Despite the downright bargain ticket prices, only 61,000 spectators filed into the 93,000+ seat stadium for the game—that’s right, the first Super Bowl didn’t even sell out! Fans still got to watch a heck of a matchup, though, with the NFL’s Green Bay Packers crushing the AFL’s Kansas City Chiefs, 35-10.

Despite its lackluster ticket sales, the first Super Bowl was a success, and the NFL and the AFL would continue their token championship game for several years. Eventually, the two leagues merged, leading to each getting their own conference—the NFC and the AFC—and continuing the Super Bowl tradition under the now-united National Football League.


The Dawn of a Worldwide Phenomenon

Super Bowls came and went annually in this new era, with the AFC and NFC forming legendary rivalries and hosting spectacular games over the years. The high drama of Super Bowl Sunday became the pinnacle of winter in U.S., and the pageantry of the Super Bowl halftime show and famed TV ads grew bigger and bolder each year.

It wasn’t long before the Super Bowl evolved into the biggest sporting event of the year. Bigger and more exciting than the World Series, the NBA Finals, and the Stanley Cup combined, the Super Bowl today is a massive event that’s televised around the globe—and one that has ticket providers working overtime to keep up with demand!

Traditionally, you’re more likely to find cheap Super Bowl tickets as the game gets closer. Prices are believed to be at their highest right after the conference championships, thanks to increased fan enthusiasm and demand during this time. Of course, the most memorable year in Super Bowl ticket sales happened in 2015, as fans witnessed skyrocketing prices when demand reached levels never seen before.

Super Bowl 2020 Recap?

Another Kansas City Chiefs comeback! The Chiefs beat the San Francisco 49ers 31-20 in Super Bowl LIV in Miami Gardens, Florida. This was the first time these two teams squared off in a Super Bowl, though both have had explosive seasons leading up to the game. This incredible game marked Andy Reid's first career Super Bowl victory, a sweet finish after coming from behind in the Divisional Round and the AFC Championship. 



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