Casey Cooney
Published: Feb. 12, 2020

5 Reasons We Love March Madness


Get your dancing shoes ready and mark your calendar, March Madness is finally upon us. From stunning upsets to heated rivalries, the NCAA tournament is a guaranteed emotional roller coaster for sports fans from start to finish.

The tournament kicks off with the First Four on St. Patrick’s Day, so be sure the grab a green beer or two to celebrate the season. Check out our ultimate guide to March Madness to find out all the deets for the whole shebang.  

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Welcome to the Madhouse! 

We’re counting down 5 reasons we can’t wait for March Madness to kick-off! Check ‘em out below – in the meantime, we’ll be working on crafting the perfect bracket. 


1. Bracket Booms and Busts 

Throw on your lab coat and heat up your Bunsen burners — Bracketology 101 is in session. The art of bracket design is a careful balance between strict statistical analysis and letting the chips fall where they may. Everyone has their “foolproof” method to achieve perfection. Whether you’re deep in the numbers, or deciding which team mascot would triumph in the Thunderdome — the only sure thing is that nothing’s a sure thing. Despite the literal 9-quintillion-to-one odds, we’ve got a good feeling about this year. 

At the very least, the office pool will undoubtedly lead to some heated water cooler conversations. How could Stan in Accounting possibly know about that 15 seed upset when he doesn’t understand a pick and roll


2. All Buckets, All The Time 

Couch potatoes, get ready to lounge! March Madness brings a total of 67 games in just under 3 weeks. It can’t get much better for basketball fans, with glorious game time at all hours of the day. Last year, an estimated $13 billion was lost in productivity from employees spending work hours on March Madness activities. Our lips are sealed if you’ve got to make some last-minute adjustments to the ol’ bracket. Besides, the prize money for a perfect showing could fund your retirement! 

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3. Cinderella Stories

Let’s hear it for the underdog! March Madness is all about the potential for insane upsets with the one-and-done elimination format. Even if your team isn’t in the tournament, you can always pick a relative unknown and see what happens! Could this be the year a 16 seed goes all the way to the Final Four? Probably not, but that’s the beauty of the Madness: you never know. (Dear 16 Seeds: Please don’t, that’ll really mess up our bracket). 


4. Meeting the Stars of Tomorrow 

Regardless of who makes it all the way to the championship, the NCAA tournament gives basketball fans a sneak peek of the NBA superstars of the future. Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, and Larry Bird are just some of the future Hall-of-Famers that carved out their legacy on the March Madness hardwood. 

Our favorite star-in-the-making moment? Flashback to 2008 — Steph Curry leads ten-seed Davidson to a storybook run to the Elite Eight, crushing tournament mainstays Gonzaga and Wisconsin along the way. 


5. The Rise and Fall of Dynasties 

From John Wooden’s unstoppable ’67-’73 UCLA Bruins to perennial favs Duke and Kentucky, March Madness is history in the making. For many teams, the battle for the top spot is a battle with a decades-long legacy of basketball excellence. The University of Kentucky continues to eke closer to UCLA’s record 11 championships. Xavier is gunning for it’s first Final Four after 28 tournament appearances. Last year, the Virginia Cavaliers had one of the all-time great comebacks, winning the championship after being the first #1 seed to be eliminated by a #16 seed in 2017. 

Could these teams start a new March Madness legend? We can’t be sure, but we’ll be ready for anything.

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