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Cricket MEAC/SWAC Challenge Kick-Off will be playing Cricket MEAC/SWAC Challenge Kick-Off at Center Parc Stadium in Atlanta
Cricket MEAC/SWAC Challenge Kick-Off
Cricket MEAC/SWAC Challenge Kick-Off
Sat 8/247:30 PMCenter Parc Stadium
Orange Blossom Classic will be playing Orange Blossom Classic at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens
Orange Blossom Classic
Orange Blossom Classic
Sun 9/1Time TBDHard Rock Stadium
Black College Football Hall of Fame Classic will be playing Black College Football Hall of Fame Classic at Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium in Canton
Black College Football Hall of Fame Classic
Football Hall of Fame Classic
Sun 9/14:00 PMTom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium
Southern Heritage Classic will be playing Southern Heritage Classic at Simmons Bank Liberty Stadium in Memphis
Southern Heritage Classic
Southern Heritage Classic
Sat 9/146:00 PMSimmons Bank Liberty Stadium
Florida Blue Florida Classic will be playing Florida Blue Florida Classic at Camping World Stadium in Orlando
Florida Blue Florida Classic
Florida Blue Florida Classic
Sat 11/23Time TBDCamping World Stadium

CFB Tickets

 College Football Tickets

There are a lot of amazing sporting events during the calendar year. But there is something special about college football. Every Saturday, life comes to a screeching halt on college campuses all across the country to enjoy a sporting event like no other. No other sport has tailgating, marching bands, cheerleaders, and hard-hitting action all rolled into one. On top of that, there’s the passion let out by coaches and fans alike that can’t be matched in any other sport. During the late summer and early autumn months, there’s nothing better than buying college football tickets and being part of the crowd.

Where Are College Football Games Played?

College football stadiums can be found from coast to coast, and even Hawaii. In addition to all of the tiny Division 2 and 3 schools that play football for the love of the game, there are over 100 college campuses across the country playing big-time college football. Somewhere on those campuses, there is always a stadium that becomes the focal point of an entire city (sometimes an entire state) a few times a year. College football stadiums are among the largest in the world, with schools always looking for ways to find more room for more fans.

Bowl Game Quest

For the players, getting to play college football is all about the love of the game. But at the same time, every team is on a quest to reach a bowl game. Of course, some teams have higher aspirations and dreams of playing in a specific bowl game, but every team knows that six wins will get them a date in the postseason and a chance to take center stage during the holiday season. Meanwhile, fans follow their favorite team’s bowl game quest for the chance to attend one of the dozens of bowl games and partake in one of the most unique sporting events of the year.

Don’t Miss Out

The only downside to the college football season is that it’s so fleeting. Teams are only guaranteed 12 games during the regular season. They’ll get one or two more if they’re lucky, but fans only have so many chances to catch a game in person and experience the passion and the pageantry of college football. No matter what team you favor or what stadium you’ve always wanted to visit, there’s nothing like taking in a live college football game and seeing for yourself what makes it so special.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do College Football tickets go on sale?

Cheap College Football tickets to most games are available months in advance. In fact, there’s no rush to check the College Football schedule. Just grab tickets whenever you’ve got the itch.

Is it better to buy College Football tickets in advance?

With College Football tickets being available so far ahead of time, it’s easy to buy tickets whenever you want to – but there’s little need to plan ahead. You can often get cheap last-minute tickets to College Football games by waiting to make your purchase until the very last minute. As game day gets closer and sellers drop their prices, fans reap the benefits.

What’s the best way to buy cheap College Football tickets?

The best way to buy cheap College Football tickets is always going to be from a secure online platform that connects fans and resellers. These ticket marketplaces often have some of the cheapest ticket prices and are the easiest way to shop for College Football tickets. Can you buy tickets at the stadium? Sure – but you’ll likely be paying a higher price than you need to!  

Why should I choose Gametime over other ticket marketplaces?

Ticket marketplaces are the best place to find sports tickets. And when it comes to cheap College Football tickets, Gametime is a no-brainer. Seats bought through us are affordable because we charge some of the lowest service fees anywhere. On top of that, we show you the view from the seats you’re shopping for thanks to our panoramic seat view photos. You’ll never have to buy seats blind with Gametime – you’ll know what your view at any stadium will be before you buy those cheap College Football tickets. So the next time you’re in the market for cheap College Football tickets, turn to Gametime.

How much are College Football tickets?

College Football ticket prices will differ depending on the tournament or game, the location, and the teams playing. Generally speaking, the average ticket price for College Football games is around $65 a ticket. But you can be looking at a few hundred dollars more, depending on the game, stage of play, and demand.