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About Deadmau5

Deadmau5 Tickets

Based on his stage name, there’s no doubt that Canadian CJ Deadmau5 (pronounced dead-mouse) is one of the most creative and unique people in the music industry. Born as Joel Thomas Zimmerman, Deadmau5 has been spinning since he was a teenager, and more than two decades later, he’s one of the most renowned and respected DJs in the industry, not to mention a Grammy-nominated artist. While most of us his stuff fits into the progressive house music genre, Deadmau5 has skills on a variety of instruments and dabbles in the world of techno and electronic music. In other words, he’s not your ordinary DJ, and when you check him out live, you never know what funky sounds he’ll create or how he’ll inspire you to dance and enjoy yourself.

The Man in the Mask

Deadmau5 is hard to mistake with other DJs, not only because of his sound but also because he’s one of a few select performers who wears a mask. Appropriately enough, Deadmau5 has an LED helmet that looks akin to a demonic mouse. In fact, Deadmau5’s logo bears a striking resemblance to that of Disney’s Mickey Mouse, leading to a trademark dispute between Disney and the artist. However, the dispute was ultimately resolved, and Deadmau5 continues to wear his trademark mask while performing, making him distinct from all of the other DJs out there.

Real and Spectacular

Not only does Deadmau5’s music and appearance make him different from similar artists, but his concerts are also different from anyone else. He spends the show inside a platform called "The Cube" in the middle of the stage and creates a spectacle of lights and sound. Some may call it unnecessary and ostentatious pageantry, but it’s just another way to entertain the audience and keep them engaged. In a way, it’s not about the artist rather the experience of being there. Of course, amidst all of the lights and visual appeal of a Deadmau5 concert, the music is still the highlight, as Deadmau5 always delivers his hits plus plenty of surprises that audiences will be delighted to hear.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much are Deadmau5 tickets?

Deadmau5 ticket prices will differ depending on the source and the seats. The best price for Deadmau5 tickets is usually around $53 a ticket, and that’s for nosebleed seats! If you want floor seats, or if you’re shopping for tickets at a popular venue, you could easily be looking at a few hundred dollars more.

How to buy Deadmau5 tickets?

Deadmau5 ticket prices are going to be pretty high if purchased directly from the box office. That means the best way to buy cheap Deadmau5 tickets is online through a ticket marketplace. Ticket marketplaces like Gametime are perfect because they put you in contact with resellers looking to move seats at a relative bargain. It’s the safest and most affordable way to get the best price for Deadmau5 tickets.

What’s Deadmau5 tour setlist?

You never know what’s going to happen at a Deadmau5 concert, but here’s the average tour setlist:

  • Three Pound Chicken Wing
  • Imaginary Friends
  • Avaritia
  • My Pet Coelacanth
  • Moar Ghosts n' Stuff
  • Ghosts N Stuff
  • Maths
  • Monophobia
  • Raise Your Weapon
  • Strobe

How long is a Deadmau5 concert?

With such an epic setlist, you can expect Deadmau5’s performance to last for around 90 minutes, from start to finish. When you take opening acts into account, you’re looking at two to three hours of entertainment. 

How much are Deadmau5 floor seats?

The best way to see Deadmau5 live is up close and personal from the floor, but these seats are always super expensive. The cheap end of floor seats can easily be $92 to $125, and if you’re seeing Deadmau5 at a venue with stage pit seats it could be even more pricey.

Of course, there are ways around this. There’s a great strategy for cutting Deadmau5 ticket prices on floor seats and the best part is that it requires you to do literally nothing but wait. Waiting until the last minute can get you some great discounts because resellers with unsold seats don’t make any money. Wait it out and watch those prices drop to something more affordable, and then enjoy your floor seats!

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