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Greta Van Fleet Tickets
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Greta Van Fleet Tickets

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About Greta Van Fleet

Greta Van Fleet Tickets

What’s part hard rock, part blues, and part seventies throwback? That would be Greta Van Fleet, a new(ish) to the scene band that comes from a small town in Michigan. How did they find four high-quality band members in a small town? They just looked around at the dinner table. Three out of the four bandmates are brothers.

There are the twins Josh and Jake, their younger brother Sam, and their lifelong-friend Danny. The twins wail on the guitar, Sam plays the bass and keyboards, while Danny drums to bring their sound together. Though their collective age is younger than most other bands out there, they must be doing something right. Recently a music magazine described them as the “Millenial Led Zepplin.” You’ll have to see them live to make the comparison for yourself.


A Name to Remember

Wondering how a group of four teenage boys came up with the name “Greta Van Fleet”? It’s a pretty innocent story with a happy ending! The boys were reportedly all at breakfast, and one of the boys was told he had to go cut wood for a neighbor named Gretna Van Fleet.

Josh, one of the twins, thought the name was unusual and suggested it as a band name, without the “n” in Gretna. The other members went along. The real Gretna is still with us and has even attended a show!


Millennial Rockstars

To look at the band, it’s a little like looking back in time. They all have long rocker hair and wear vintage t-shirts, which wouldn’t have been so vintage in the old days. Whether or not they’ll have the same success as big rock bands of the past is up to them – and what the future has in store.



How much are Greta Van Fleet tickets?

Greta Van Fleet ticket prices will differ depending on the source and the seats. The best price for Greta Van Fleet tickets is usually around $55 to $70 a ticket, and that’s for nosebleed seats! If you want floor seats, or if you’re shopping for tickets at a popular venue, you could easily be looking at a few hundred dollars more.


How to buy Greta Van Fleet tickets?

Greta Van Fleet ticket prices are going to be pretty high if purchased directly from the box office. That means the best way to buy cheap Greta Van Fleet tickets is online through a ticket marketplace. Ticket marketplaces like Gametime are perfect because they put you in contact with resellers looking to move seats at a relative bargain. It’s the safest and most affordable way to get the best price for Greta Van Fleet tickets.


What’s Greta Van Fleet tour setlist?

You never know what’s going to happen at a Greta Van Fleet concert, but here’s the average tour setlist:

  • Highway Tune
  • Edge of Darkness
  • Black Smoke Rising
  • The Music Is You
  • You're the One
  • Age of Man
  • Watching Over
  • Mountain of the Sun
  • The Cold Wind
  • When the Curtain Falls


  • Flower Power
  • Watch Me
  • Safari Song


How long is a Greta Van Fleet concert?

With such an epic setlist, you can expect Greta Van Fleet’s performance to last for around 90 minutes, from start to finish. 


How much are Greta Van Fleet floor seats?

The best way to see Greta Van Fleet live is up close and personal from the floor, but these seats are always super expensive. The cheap end of floor seats can easily be $30 to $300, and if you’re seeing Greta Van Fleet at a venue with stage pit seats it could be even more pricey.

Of course, there are ways around this. There’s a great strategy for cutting Greta Van Fleet ticket prices on floor seats, and the best part is that it requires you to do literally nothing but wait. Waiting until the last minute can get you some great discounts because resellers with unsold seats don’t make any money. Wait it out and watch those prices drop to something more affordable, and then enjoy your floor seats!


Greta Van Fleet tour dates

December 16 – Nashville, TN @ Nashville Municipal Auditorium

December 20 – New Orleans, LA @ UNO Lakefront Arena

December 29-30 – Philadelphia, PA @ The Met Philadelphia