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About Porter Robinson

Porter Robinson Tickets

Beethoven began playing music at four years old, but Porter Robinson was only eight years older than him (and in the future by a few centuries) when he started his musical journey. What inspired him to start producing and mixing music at such a young age? Apparently, it was the hit video dance game, Dance Dance Revolution – everybody has to start somewhere!

Speaking of starting somewhere, his first tracks weren’t professional quality. He mixed them on a Sony ACID Pro. But he kept practicing, and it was in 2010 (when he was just 18 years old) that he put out his first single.


Say My Name, Porter

Though Robinson has a few different performance and production aliases (Virtual Self and Ekowraith), his first single came out under his name. Once that single came out, the young talent was quickly snapped up by EDM powerhouse Skrillex on the OWSLA label. With the label behind him, he released his next hit a mere one year later. That song, “Spitfire,” was so highly-anticipated that it crashed a popular music sales website.


Fame and Famous Friends

If you’re Skrillex’s prodigy, you know you’re not going to stay in the shadows for long. For Porter, that meant doing official remixes for Avicii (another EDM powerhouse) and even the main monster herself, Lady Gaga.

The next few years saw a continuous drop of singles and remixes, but no albums. He wouldn’t release his first one until 2014, which he’d name “Worlds.” By the time that album came out, he was already headlining shows at venues frequented by his mentor, Skrillex, friend Tiesto, and other EDM greats.

It was a great time to be a young artist in the electronic scene, and it continues to be. Porter is a true artist, which means he’ll always be making music. Whether you see a show with him using his real name or his alias “Virtual Self,” you won’t be disappointed.




What is Porter Robinson’s music style? 

Porter Robinson’s style is electronic, more specifically, electro house and synth-pop. 


What are Porter Robinson’s greatest hits? 

With such an incredible career it's not easy to pick Porter Robinson’s greatest hits. We've listed just 10 of his absolute greatest hits - is your favorite here? 

  • Sea of Voices (2014)
  • Unison (2011)
  • Divinity (2014)
  • Say My Name (2010)
  • Easy (2013)
  • Shelter (2016)
  • Sad Machine (2014)
  • Language (2012)
  • Flicker (2014)
  • 100% in the Bitch (2011)


Has Porter Robinson won any music awards? 

While not yet an award winner, Robinson was nominated for the 2019 Grammy Award for Best Dance Recording, and for the Electronic Music Awards in 2017, he was nominated for Single of the Year and Live Act of the Year - a good start if you ask us! 


What has influenced Porter Robinson’s music? 

Robinson's early influences include video gaming music, in particular, Dance Dance Revolution. He is a major fan of anime and Japanese culture and incorporates these elements into his music.


Does Porter Robinson write his own songs?

No! As a music producer, Porter Robinson focuses more on the music side of things.


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