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About Pentatonix

Pentatonix Tickets

The world became obsessed with acapella and group harmonies in 2009, with the population of the show “Glee.” That show led to more vocal groups getting played on the radio and given chances by record companies. One of those lucky, and deserved, groups was Pentatonix, who started out in Texas. The group is made up of high school friends, all of whom have professional music training of some sort.

The group auditioned for and then won the third season of “The Sing-Off” on NBC in 2011, which got them fame and representation. Since then, their music has been featured in multiple movies, topped numerous charts, and won Grammy awards. Those accolades are impressive for any group but are especially so since Pentatonix performs using nothing but their voices.


Early Career

Pentatonix, sometimes shortened to PTX, is made up of five people. There’s Kristie Maldonado, Mitch Grassi, and Scott King – the three original members of the group. They added Avi Kaplan and Kevin Olusola before auditioning for Sing-Off, and it’s a good thing they did!

After they won their season (season 3), the Arlington, Texas-based band picked up and moved to LA. There they put out their first EP, titled PTX, Vol. 1. Soon after, they released PTXmas, their version of a Christmas album, which got them performing slots on different late-night shows. In 2013 they released PTX, Vol. 2, and one of their songs on that album won them a Grammy. Even as early as two years into their career, they could do no wrong.


Continued Success

That’s not a setup about the eventual fall of the band. Pentatonix is still doing well! They made songs for the 2016 all-female Ghostbusters film and were featured in Picture Perfect 2. Their next Christmas album got them another Grammy, bringing the Christmas classic “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy” to a modern audience. We hope they keep taking over the world with their jaw-dropping harmonies – and that you get tickets to see them live!



What is Pentatonix’s music style? 

Pentatonix are characterized by their pop-style acapella arrangements with vocal harmonies, basslines, riffing, percussion, and beatboxing. They have produced many cover versions of modern pop works and even Christmas songs.


What are Pentatonix’s greatest hits? 

With such an incredible career it's not easy to pick Pentatonix’s greatest hits. We've listed just some of their absolute greatest hits - is your favorite here? 

  • Daft Punk
  • Hallelujah
  • Can't Sleep Love
  • New Year's Day
  • Starships
  • If I Ever Fall In Love
  • Mary Did You Know
  • La La Latch


Has Pentatonix won any music awards? 

Pentatonix has won three Grammy Awards. They were the first a cappella act to win the award for Best Arrangement, Instrumental or A Cappella in 2015 and 2016. They also won the Best Country Duo/Group Performance award in 2017.


What has influenced Pentatonix’s music? 

The group has cited their influences pop, dubstep, electro, reggae, hip hop, and classical music.


Does Pentatonix write their own songs?

No, as they solely produce cover music. But, they do come up with all their musical arrangements.