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Boston Red Sox Tickets
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Red Sox vs. Rays Tickets

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About Red Sox vs. Rays

Red Sox vs Rays Tickets

There may be no rivalry in baseball that can match or exceed the contempt that the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees have with each other. But over the years, the Red Sox have had a growing feud with another AL East foe, the Tampa Bay Rays. As far back as 2000, which was only Tampa’s third season as a franchise, there has been growing tension between the two sides, including a number of benches-clearing brawls. The animosity between the fan bases doesn’t stack up to the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry, but between the lines, the bad blood between the Rays and Red Sox is as intense as any rivalry in baseball.


Red Sox vs Rays

Early in Tampa’s history, the club struggled on the field, finishing last in the AL East in nine of its first 10 seasons. However, that didn’t get in the way of the Rays standing up for themselves when the Red Sox would try to push them around, helping spark the rivalry that exists today. Naturally, things have only intensified now that the Rays have blossomed into a team that can actually compete for a playoff spot. In fact, ever since the Rays beat the Red Sox in 2008 ALCS, the rivalry has been kicked into another gear because the Rays can actually interfere with the Red Sox reaching the playoffs, and vice versa.

Of course, it’s also interesting to note the stark difference in each team’s path to success. Tampa Bay remains a small-market team that spends less than almost every other major league club. Yet, they somehow find a way most years to cause trouble for the league’s big spenders. The Red Sox, of course, are one of those big spenders. Boston opens up their wallet to pay big money to top players, often tripling or even quadrupling Tampa’s payroll.


Finding Cheap Red Sox vs Rays Tickets

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