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Philadelphia Phillies Tickets
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Phillies vs. Giants Tickets

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About Phillies vs. Giants

Giants vs Phillies Tickets

Sometime around 2010, the San Francisco Giants and Philadelphia Phillies started to become rivals, as the two emerged as the best teams in the National League. But the rivalry didn’t end when the 2010 season ended. Despite playing on opposite coasts, in drastically different cities, and having fanbases with dramatically different attitudes, the animosity between the Giants and Phillies hasn’t gone away, making every meeting between them a high-intensity battle.

Giants vs Phillies

The Giants and Phillies collided during the 2010 NLCS, which is a series both fanbases won’t soon forget. Every game was tense and competitive, with three of the six games decided by a single run. But things boiled over in Game 6, in the benches after words were exchanged between San Francisco’s Jonathan Sanchez and Philadelphia’s Chase Utley. Cooler heads prevailed as the Giants ultimately won the series. However, things escalated into a full-scale brawl when Giants and Phillies met during the regular season the following year, igniting a long-lasting rivalry.

While things can get intense on the field during Giants-Phillies games, both teams give their fans an ideal setting to watch games. Oracle Park in San Francisco has several unique features, including the famous McCovey Cove in right field and the conspicuous old-time glove and coke bottle in left field. Meanwhile, Citizens Bank Park is one of the most fan-friendly parks in sports with an incredible selection of food and exposed bullpens that allow fans to have a close-up view of pitchers while they’re warming up.

Finding Cheap Giants vs Phillies Tickets

If you’re hoping to score cheap Giants vs Phillies tickets, you’ve come to the right place. This is where you’ll find dates, times, and ticket prices for every high-intensity meeting between the Giants and Phillies. Tickets to see both teams are high in demand, which is why you might need a little help getting the best deal.

Fortunately, whether you covet San Francisco Giants tickets for a visit to Oracle Park or you’re looking for Philadelphia Phillies tickets so you can check out the food at Citizens Bank Park, we’ve got you covered. Just let us know what venue you want to visit and the date of the game you want to attend, and we’ll help you track down the cheapest Giants vs Phillies tickets available.