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Citizens Bank Park Tickets

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About Citizens Bank Park

Citizens Bank Park

After spending more than three decades sharing Veterans Stadium with the Eagles, the Philadelphia Phillies moved into their own ballpark, Citizens Bank Park, in 2004. The stadium is located in South Philadelphia directly across from Lincoln Financial Field, the home of the Eagles, as well as the Wells Fargo Center, the home of the NBA’s 76ers and NHL’s Flyers, putting all of the Philadelphia sports teams in close proximity to one another. Soon after opening in 2004, Citizens Bank Park earned the reputation of a hitter-friendly park that sees a lot of home runs.


Where are the Best Places to Sit at Citizens Bank Park

If you want to be close to the action at a Citizens Bank Park sporting event, sections 115-132 are your best bet. These sections are located right behind home plate and are surprisingly affordable considering how close they are to the field. For seats with more amenities and a little more elevation, try the Hall of Fame Club in sections 212-232. Tickets for these sections usually need to be purchased on the secondary market, and they offer a nice view of the entire stadium and access to a private lounge.


Tips for Visiting Citizens Bank Park

One of the most unique features of Citizens Bank Park is the location of the bullpens. Fans walking along the concourse in the outfield can stop and lean over the railing to get a close look the visiting team’s bullpen. If you want to heckle the pitchers, that’s your prerogative, but you could also just sit tight and listen to the ball hit the catcher’s mitt if there’s a hard-thrower warming up.


Food to Try at Citizens Bank Park

There are plenty of places to get a cheesesteak in Philadelphia, and Citizens Bank Park events are no exception. The stadium offers four types of cheesesteaks, so everyone in your party can try something different and compare notes. Of course, there are plenty of non-cheesesteak options, including crab fries, which are french fries that have been dipped in cheese sauce. There's plenty of classic ballpark fare available as well, but crab fries are definitely something you won’t find in every sports arena. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Citizens Bank Park located?

Citizens Bank Park is located in downtown Philadelphia, within the city's South Philadelphia Sports Complex.


What kind of events does Citizens Bank Park host?

Citizens Bank Park events include baseball games, hockey games, and concerts.


Which team is playing at Citizens Bank Park?

Citizens Bank Park is the home of the Philadelphia Phillies.


Where can I park for free at Citizens Bank Park?

Due to this park’s location in downtown Philadelphia, finding free parking in the vicinity can be a nightmare. There are a number of parking lots surrounding the ballpark which will all cost you $18. We recommended you arrive early and park in the first available parking lot.


What is the seating capacity of Citizens Bank Park?

As of 2019, 42,972 fans can attend a Citizens Bank Park event.


Who owns Citizens Bank Park?

Citizens Bank Park is owned by the City of Philadelphia.


How do I get to Citizens Bank Park using public transport?

If you’re wishing to avoid the hassle of finding parking, SEPTA’s Broad Street Line, or lines 4 and 17, are the best options to get to Citizens Bank Park events. These lines will all drop you off a few minutes walk from the Citizens Bank Park, saving you both time and money.