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Packers vs Washington Commanders Tickets

The relationship between the Green Bay Packers and Washington Commanders is one of the most unique in the NFL. Both franchises have been around since the early days of the NFL, yet head-to-head matchups between the two teams have been rarer than you’d expect. That being said, the Packers and Washington Commanders prove that sometimes quality is more important than quantity because there have been plenty of memorable meetings between these two teams, leading to great anticipation whenever they cross paths nowadays.

Packers vs Washington Commanders

The biggest game between the Packers and Washington Commanders came all the way back in the 1936 NFL Championship, in which the Packers won 21-6. Another big moment between the two historic franchises came unexpectedly in 1983 when they helped set a record for the most points scored on Monday Night Football in a 48-47 Green Bay win. Of course, Washington would get a little bit of redemption in 1992 when the two teams finished tied for the final playoff spot with the Washington Commanders getting the tiebreaker over Green Bay based on conference record, keeping the Packers out of the playoffs.

An overlooked part of the Packers-Washington Commanders rivalry is each team’s home stadium. After all, the Packers have been calling Lambeau Field since 1957. The stadium has become synonymous with Green Bay and one of the most iconic venues in American sports. Of course, FedEx Field near Washington isn’t bad either, providing plenty of game-day activities both inside and outside the stadium to enhance the fan experience.

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