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Preseason: New York Giants at New York Jets
7:30 PMMetLife Stadium
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About Giants vs. Jets

Giants vs Jets Tickets

There aren’t too many professional sports teams that share a stadium with a team that plays the same sport in the same league. But the New York Giants and New York Jets have long been one of the rare exceptions to that. While the two are more siblings than bitter rivalries, there’s no doubt that it’s an important event when the Jets and Giants play each other, even if it’s only a preseason game. With fans of both teams sharing the stadium simultaneously, things get interesting, creating one of the most unique matchups the NFL can offer.

Giants vs Jets

Despite sharing a city and a stadium, the Giants and Jets have met just over a dozen times during the regular season. There’s also yet to be an all-New York Super Bowl between the two teams, which has always been unlikely but possible. However, there have been plenty of big games between the two teams. For example, in 1988, the Jets beat the Giants in the regular-season finale to knock the G-Men out of playoff contention. There have also been a few overtime games in Jets-Giants history, as this matchup typically produces a competitive game that comes down to the fourth quarter.

Of course, both teams have made their home at MetLife Stadium since 2010. The move into the new stadium was particularly fruitful for the Jets, as they no longer had to play in a stadium that’s named after their intra-city rival. More importantly, the Jets and Giants now play in one of the NFL’s best venues. At the time it was christened, MetLife Stadium was the most expensive stadium ever built in the U.S., and any fan who has visited it and experienced all of the bells and whistles it offers will understand why.

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