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Pirates vs Twins Tickets

Interleague play in baseball tends to create a lot of funky matchups. One that tends to get overlooked is the one between the Minnesota Twins and Pittsburgh Pirates. Most fans don’t realize that this matchup is a rematch of the long-forgotten 1925 World Series when the Twins were the Washington Senators. That history between the franchises aside, the Pirates and Twins make for an interesting pair that frequently matches up during spring training and occasionally during the regular season.

Pirates vs Twins

While there isn’t much of a rivalry between the Pirates and Twins, the two teams are almost mirror images of one another. Both are small-market clubs that have to do everything right to become competitive. Throughout their history, the Pirates and Twins have both experienced prolonged playoff droughts. However, both have occasionally found their way to the top of the mountain, each winning multiple World Series titles. That means you can never count out at least one of these teams putting together a quality season and being a team worth watching.

Equally important, both teams have an amazing stadium that allows them to keep fans entertained. Target Field in Minneapolis has frequently been named one of the best stadiums in the majors with regard to the fan experience. On top of that, the stadium is aesthetically pleasing and does a great job of paying homage to the franchise’s history. On the other hand, Pittsburgh’s PNC Park might have the best view of any pro sports venue. Most seats in the stadium have a gorgeous view of Pittsburgh’s skyline, as well as the famous Roberto Clemente Bridge.

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