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Texans vs. Eagles Tickets

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About Texans vs. Eagles

Texans vs Eagles Tickets

It’s tough to find two NFL teams more different than the Philadelphia Eagles and Houston Texans. The Texans are still the new kids on the block in the NFL, playing their first season in 2002 and taking a little while to establish themselves as a bonafide threat in the AFC South. The Eagles, on the other hand, are pushing toward a century of existence, playing their first season in 1933. Of course, sometimes opposites attract and make for a compelling matchup, even if they appear to have nothing in common other than their mutual hatred of the Cowboys.


Texans vs Eagles

Since they play in different conferences, games between the Texans and Eagles are a rare occurrence, which is part of what makes them special. Unfortunately for Houston, they came up short in each of their first five games in franchise history against the Eagles. Most of the games have been competitive and entertaining, but the Texans haven’t had much luck when facing Philadelphia.

If it’s any consolation for the Texans, they have an amazing home field in NRG Stadium. It was the first NFL stadium to feature a retractable roof, and unlike most stadiums with roofs, it lets in plenty of natural light, making it ideal for both fans and players. Of course, Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia isn’t bad either. “The Linc” has been a huge upgrade over old Veterans Stadium in almost every way, helping improve the fan experience of attending an Eagles.


Finding Cheap Texans vs Eagles Tickets

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