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About Reds vs. Mets

Reds vs Mets Tickets

In baseball, the connection between teams comes in a variety of forms. For the New York Mets and Cincinnati Reds, the greatest link between the teams comes in the form of an infamous trade in 1977 that sent Mets legend Tom Seaver to the Reds. It’s a trade that continues to haunt Mets fans to this day, putting a bad taste in their mouth every time New York faces Cincinnati.

Reds vs Mets

Of course, Reds fans also have a bad taste in their mouth every time they see the Mets, but for different reasons. It’s no secret that the Reds were a dominant force in the National League during the 1970s. However, the Mets stopped them dead in their tracks in the 1973 NLCS. Fresh off a 99-win season and their third division title in the last four years, the Reds lost a contentious NLCS to a Mets team that was a modest 82-79 during the regular season despite having Seaver leading the way by winning the Cy Young. The Reds also got the short end of the stick in 1999 when they lost a one-game playoff to the Mets, ending Cincinnati’s 96-win season after 163 games.

Whether they meet in the playoffs or not, every Mets-Reds game nowadays takes place in one of MLB’s most awe-inspiring stadiums. In New York, Citi Field is a part stadium and part baseball museum. The stadium pays homage to the past baseball stadiums in New York, including a facade that replicates Ebbets Field. Meanwhile, the Reds play in Great American Ball Park, which sits on the banks of the Ohio River and more than lives up to its name as one of the best venues in baseball.

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