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About Reds vs. Marlins

Reds vs Marlins

Whenever two teams that are used to winning square off, the intensity level usually increases a notch or two. And the same can be said of two teams that aren’t necessarily elite. After all, they still play with a sense of pride and sniff the chance to get a win. Just look at the Cincinnati Reds and Miami Marlins. Both teams have traditionally struggled to find success. However, when their paths cross, there’s no shortage of energy in the ballpark and the two sides tend to put on an entertaining show.


Reds vs Marlins

In fairness, the Reds have a handful of World Series banners. However, for a team that’s been around since the 1880s, winning has been a rarity. Cincinnati has endured the long stretches without being a contending team, only to occasionally enjoy brief periods of playing championship-level baseball. But there have been enough good times to keep fans interested, especially since the Reds play in the beautiful Great American Ball Park, which is the perfect embodiment of its name.

As for the Marlins, we know that they’ve won multiple championships, including one in just their fifth year of existence. But it seems like whenever they aren’t a championship-caliber team, the Marlins are scraping the bottom of the barrel. After all, they have more seasons with 100 or more losses than they do championships. That being said, the fact that the Marlins have won the World Series before shows that there’s always a chance the next batch of youngsters will rise to the top. It also helps that Marlins Park has some of the most unique features of any ballpark, including an aquatic backstop, home run sculpture, and a bobblehead museum.


Finding Cheap Reds vs Marlins Tickets

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