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Marlins Park

With the capacity to accommodate 37,442 fans Marlins Park is the largest baseball field to be found in Miami. Fans from all over come here to watch the Marlins home games as they face other MLB teams. More than hosting college football games, soccer matches, and concerts, Marlins Park offers fans a swimming pool and the Bobblehead Museum, making this a great venue for family outings.


The History of Marlins Park

Marlins Park opened in 2012 with the first game being played on March 5, 2012. The game was a high school match between Belen Jesuit Prep School and Christopher Columbus High School and was followed by the Marlins playing the Miami Hurricanes on March 6 for an exhibition match. In 2016 the Marlins played against the Colorado Rockies, a matchup that is set the first Marlins Park record. In fact, during the game, the Rockies set the record for solo home runs by hitting 8 home runs. Marlins Park also hosted the World Music Awards in 2012 and Monster Jam in 2018. 


What’s so special about Marlins Park?

Marlins Park’s swimming pool offers a break from the Florida heat, while the night club is ideal for a night out. Additionally, no matter what’s the weather, Marlins Park’s retractable roof is the perfect solution for both hot and rainy days. When the roof is up, the stadium is air-conditioned keeping fans and players cool during the game.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Marlins Park located?

Marlins Park is located in Miami, Florida. 


What kind of events does Marlins Park host?

The most frequent type of events that are hosted there are professional baseball games. But, there is a variety of other Marlins Park events such as concerts, soccer, music awards, and more. 


Which team is playing at Marlins Park?

As a fairly new stadium, it is the current home of the Miami Marlins (MLB).


Where can I park for free at Marlins Park?

The ballpark's proximity to downtown Miami can make finding parking a nightmare. However, there are many lots available in the area, 5 in particular, the Home Plate Garage, Third Base Garage, the East 1, West 1 and West 2 lots are prepaid parking ONLY. All remaining lots in the vicinity are available for purchase on game day. Prices range between $15-25 - depending on the Marlins Park event. 


What is the seating capacity of Marlins Park?

Marlins Park Sporting events can host up to 37,442 fans.


Who owns Marlins Park?

The ballpark is owned by Miami-Dade County.


How do I get to Marlins Park using public transport?

Fans looking to save a few bucks can turn to the Metrorail Express Shuttle Service from Culmer Station to Marlins Park events. Shuttles run 90 minutes prior to the game up to 60 minutes after the game - and, Metrorail Fare Cards cost $5.65.

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