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About Red Sox vs. Tigers

Red Sox vs Tigers Tickets

Everybody knows that baseball is a game that cares deeply about its history. Two teams that have played a huge part in the history of the game are the Boston Red Sox and Detroit Tigers. Both franchises have been around since 1901 and have been involved in some of the most memorable moments in baseball history. While the two aren’t bitter rivals, it’s impossible to see the two teams share the same field without thinking about the rich history that each franchise represents.


Red Sox vs Tigers

With over a century worth of history, both the Tigers and Red Sox have had plenty of star players wear their jerseys over the years. There have even been some noteworthy players to play for both teams. Yet, the Red Sox and Tigers never crossed paths in the postseason until 2013, after more than a century of both teams playing in the American League. The Red Sox would win the series in six games on their way to claiming the World Series, but the series didn’t disappoint from an entertainment perspective, as four of the six games were decided by a single run.

Even the Red Sox home field Fenway Park comes with over a century worth of history. Fenway has been around since 1912, making it the oldest ballpark in the majors and one that is filled with iconic markers at every turn from the Green Monster in left field to Pesky’s Pole in right field. Comerica Park in Detroit is a little more modern. But what it lacks in history, it makes up with a great downtown location and unique features like a carousel and Ferris Wheel for fans to enjoy before and during games.


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