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Boston Red Sox Tickets
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Red Sox vs. Mariners Tickets

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About Red Sox vs. Mariners

Red Sox vs Mariners Tickets

Just because two teams are located 3,000 miles apart and don’t appear to have much in common doesn’t mean they can’t put on a good show. That’s surely the case with the Boston Red Sox and Seattle Mariners. While there have been no epic playoff moments between the Mariners and Red Sox, history tells us that there’s no telling what can happen when these two share a field.


Red Sox vs Mariners

One special moment between the Red Sox and Mariners came in the form of a no-hitter by Seattle’s Chris Bosio. It was just the second no-hitter the Mariners ever had and wasn’t far from being a perfect game. Bosio looked to be in trouble after walking the first two batters he faced. However, he was able to coax a double play and strikeout Hall of Famer Andre Dawson to get out of the first inning. He then proceeded to throw eight perfect innings, not allowing a base runner for the rest of the game to complete the no-hitter.

Even if a Red Sox-Mariners game doesn’t result in a historic moment like a no-hitter, both teams offer a great game day experience. The Red Sox, of course, play their home games at iconic Fenway Park, which is home to far too many must-see features to check out in one visit, starting with the famous Green Monster in left field. The Mariners, meanwhile, have a slightly newer ballpark in T-Mobile Field, which has a retractable roof to keep fans protected from the Seattle rain, not to mention a collection of statues to take fans through the history of the franchise.


Finding Cheap Red Sox vs Mariners Tickets

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Whether you want Red Sox tickets for a baseball pilgrimage to Fenway Park or prefer Seattle Mariners tickets for a trip to the West coast and T-Mobile Field, we’ve got you covered. These two teams play at least half a dozen games against one another every year, so just let us know what date works best for you and we’ll help you find the cheapest Red Sox vs Mariners tickets available.