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About T-Mobile Park

T-Mobile Park

T-Mobile Park, formerly known as Safeco Field, has served as the home field for the Seattle Mariners since 1999. The stadium replaced the old Kingdome and allowed the Mariners to remain in Seattle after speculation in the mid-'90s that the franchise would be forced to move. It’s one of a handful of stadiums in baseball that has a retractable roof, which is important in the Pacific Northwest given the amount of rain the region receives each year.


Best Places to Sit at T-Mobile Park

The best seats at T-Mobile Park sports events are in the 100-level right behind home plate. However, it’s usually best to sit toward the back of the section – Row 20 or higher. These seats are close to the action and have enough elevation to give you a good view of the field during any T-Mobile Park event. The upper-level seats behind home plate aren’t bad either and are a little more affordable. To avoid obstructed views, though, grab 300-level seats in the first few rows. There are also various patios and beer gardens scattered around T-Mobile Park where fans can hang out and watch any T-Mobile sports event regardless of what tickets they have.


Tips for Visiting T-Mobile Park

If you’re up for a stroll, take a lap around the venue before heading inside to watch a T-Mobile Park event. Around every gate is a plaque that contains a famous quote from the baseball world or books written about baseball. Each quote is worth reading – especially for true baseball fans. Once inside, you'll also find artwork tucked away in different corners of the stadium. There is even a life-size bronze statue of broadcaster Dave Niehaus near Section 105 that’s worth checking out before or during the game.


Food to Try at T-Mobile Park

Fans are allowed to bring their own food for T-Mobile Park events, but the stadium also offers some of the best dining options anywhere in Seattle. The 'Pen offers classic (but delicious!) ballpark fare, including an authentic Seattle Hot Dog, which contains cream cheese and your choice of jalapeños or onions. Or grab a Seattle Burger, featuring pickled peppers and cream cheese.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where is T-Mobile Park located?

T-Mobile Park is located in Seattle, Washington’s SoDo neighborhood, near the western terminus of Interstate 90. 


What kind of events does the T-Mobile Park host?

Aside from professional baseball, T-Mobile Park events include amateur baseball, and other large events like soccer, wrestling, and concerts. 


Which team is playing at T-Mobile Park?

T-Mobile Park is the home stadium of the Seattle Mariners of the MLB.


Where can I park for free at T-Mobile Park?

There are three garages near the stadium that contain more than 5,000 parking spaces combined: T-Mobile Park Garage, CenturyLink Garage, and Union Station. Unfortunately, though, they're not free – expect to pay between $20-$40. Aside from these garages, there are many others in the central business district to the north of T-Mobile Park that offer reasonable evening and weekend parking rates. 


What is the seating capacity of T-Mobile Park?

T-Mobile Park events can host just over 54,000 fans.


Who owns T-Mobile Park?

T-Mobile is owned and operated by the Washington State Major League Baseball Stadium Public Facilities District.


How do I get to T-Mobile Park using public transport?

Fans heading to a game can ride the Link Light Rail, Sound Transit, or the Metro, which will all drop you off just a few blocks from the stadium.