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Panthers vs. Steelers Tickets

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About Panthers vs. Steelers

Panthers vs Steelers Tickets

For a young franchise like the Carolina Panthers, it can be hard to create rivalries out of thin air without all that history to work with. That said, one potential rival for Carolina might be the Pittsburgh Steelers. Geographically, the two teams are closer than most people realize. They're also both accustomed to winning games and competing for a spot in the playoffs, so it’s not hard to envision these two teams playing high-intensity games that fans want to see. At the very least, they're sure to put on a good show and bring out a crowd. 


Panthers vs Steelers

The one thing standing in Carolina’s way of a rivalry with Pittsburgh is the ability to beat them. The Panthers won their first-ever meeting against the Steelers in 1996, their second season in existence. But the Panthers have failed to replicate that result in subsequent games against Pittsburgh. To be fair, the two teams only play every few years. But since that 1996 meeting, the Steelers have bludgeoned the Panthers every time the two teams square off, almost always winning by lopsided margins.

On the other hand, both the Steelers and Panthers have top-notch home stadiums that are fun for both fans and visiting teams. The Steelers have Heinz Field, which is home to some of the most die-hard fans in the NFL. Pittsburgh fans get up for every game, rain, shine, or snow, and they always wave their “Terrible Towels” with great vigor. Meanwhile, the Panthers play at Bank of America Stadium, a venue that’s starting to get old but has been well-maintained and renovated frequently to keep it looking like new.


Finding Cheap Panthers vs Steelers Tickets

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