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About Panthers vs. Seahawks

Seahawks vs Panthers Tickets

It’s unusual for teams on opposite sides of the country to forge a rivalry with one another. But the Seattle Seahawks and Carolina Panthers have found a way to do it. Both teams have grown accustomed to making the playoffs and competing among the best teams in the NFC. Naturally, that has led to some intense playoff battles, which is one of the best ways to create a rivalry out of thin air. Even when they don’t meet in the playoffs, every Seahawks-Panthers game seems to have the high stakes and intensity level of a playoff game.

Seahawks vs Panthers 

The first postseason meeting between the Seahawks and Panthers came in the 2005 NFC Championship Game, a game that was dominated from start to finish by Seattle. The rivalry started to pick up steam nearly a decade later when the Seahawks ousted Carolina in the playoffs once again on their way to reaching the Super Bowl. Alas, the Panthers finally found some redemption during the 2015 playoffs. At the time, Seattle was working toward reaching the Super Bowl for the third straight season. However, Carolina jumped out to a 31-0 halftime lead, only to barely hold on for the 31-24 win to unseat the Seahawks from their throne as NFC kings. The Panthers would eventually end up in the Super Bowl and knocking off the Seahawks on their way added fuel to the rivalry.

Of course, whether it’s a playoff game or not, every Seahawks-Panthers game is played in a great atmosphere in front of passionate fans. Seattle’s CenturyLink Field is widely regarded as one of the loudest stadiums in the NFL, with the fans well-deserving of their nickname of the 12th man. Of course, part of the inspiration for CenturyLink Field came from Carolina’s Bank of America Stadium, which provides a great experience for fans and an intimidating atmosphere for visiting teams.

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